Radio Silence...

Monday, 9 November 2015

I could easily list a number of excuses for the radio silence of late, but the main one is that the internet in my flat is still rubbish and therefore blogging hasn't been so easy. The past couple of months have also been pretty mental, I turned 23, escaped to Crete for some much needed sun, sea and sand, saw one of the most incredible friends I've made through blogging get married, spent many hours on trains to and from Scotland, danced in a field with two of my best friends to Mumford & Sons and made so many other amazing memories.

Our internet is finally seeming to be on the mend, so the hope is that I'll finally get back into this whole blogging thang, I'm not making any promises though as sometimes life gets in the way and living in London, I don't want to miss out on anything!

Rather than bore you all with screeds and screeds of text about what I've been up to the last few months I've picked a few of my favourite pictures that are a snapshot of life lately... Attempting to 'adult', getting used to life in the big city and generally living the mermaid dream.

Gentlemen of the Road, Aviemore.

V&A sculpture goals.

First visit to Dorset and Bournemouth didn't fail to disappoint.

Stirling Lush fam' reunited.


Blue skies, blue seas and blue hair of course... Elounda, Crete.

Reunited with my squad, I love London but it'd be even better if these two were here too!
Here's to more memories made this year, 2015 is definitely proving to be up there with the best of them...

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