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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

It's always a little weird/awkward/nice when someone says this to you, it all depends of course on who the person is, a stranger, date or friend, who makes all the difference. That being said using so many Lush products and perfumes means it's a phrase I hear an awful lot. And gathering up my Gorilla Perfume stash today to take pictures for this post I guess it's nice that people notice when you do in fact 'smell nice'.

For those of your unaware Gorilla Perfume is an off shoot of Lush if you like, responsible for creating the unique collection of fragrances available at Lush stores worldwide as well as a number of B-Sides and rare exclusives available exclusively at the Gorilla Perfume Gallery in Islington and the new flagship Lush store on Oxford Street. I'm somewhat of a perfume fiend, I wasn't before I started using Lush fragrances, I never really bought into the whole Lacoste 'Touch of Pink' fad when I was a teenager, it always seemed far too expensive for something that smelt so 'samey'.

Fast forward a few years to my first experiences with Gorilla perfumes, the first I ever bought from my local store was actually a solid Vanillary which I sadly lost; but it hooked me, though I went 'off' that fragrance for a while, it was my first foray into Gorilla Perfume and I've never looked back.

Some might say I have a bit of a problem, especially as I'm already debating which scents to add to my collection next. Some are as you can see a little more 'worn around the edges' than others, the ones I've chucked in handbags for top-ups on the go. And though I don't wear them equally, I do have my favourites, each fragrance has its own memories attached to it. Deciding on a favourite is pretty much impossible, as mood, season and setting can all influence how we feel about fragrance, so instead I'm going to write a little bit about a few perfumes and the times or memories they remind me of, I've taken a few pictures of the perfumes in 'collections' if you will, gone but not forgotten fragrances, classics and exclusives.

Gorilla Perfume Classics; all of these fragrances are available at your local Lush store, albeit in slightly different packaging, as I have a few older bottles.
I guess when looking at the perfumes available in all Lush stores, the one that sticks out to me in terms of sparking a memory is Vanillary. It never fails to remind me of an impromptu, wine fuelled night out I had with some of my closest friends last summer. My friend Jess had a bottle of Vanillary in her bag and we all doused ourselves with it ready to hit the dance floor after heading out for dinner. None of us were dressed to head out clubbing, as it had been a pretty casual dinner, but ended up being one of the funniest nights out and resulted in one of the worst hangovers ever. Now every time I wear Vanillary it makes me smile thinking of us cutting up the dance floor in Birkenstocks and 'Amish' get-ups, the club can't even handle us...

Taking your fancy? Sadly if you want to get your mitts on any of these
beauties you'll need to head to the Gorilla Perfume Gallery in Islington
or Lush Oxford Street (some are available at www.lush.co.uk too.)
1000 Kisses Deep
If I had to choose an all time favourite Gorilla Perfume though I'd struggle I think it'd have to be 1000 Kisses Deep, I love how sherbetty and sweet it is, it's light yet has a depth to it that I really love. I bought my first bottle of it the day before my first job interview in London, and though I didn't get that job and lost that bottle, I bought another bottle the day after my first-round job interview for my job that I have now. I attach such positive memories to 1000 Kisses Deep, of change and the unknown of courage and excitement.

Oddly when Flower's Barrow was available in Lush stores as part of Gorilla Perfume Volume 2 I didn't really take to it, my Mum loves Flower's Barrow so when I wear it now really reminds me of her. It shares its fragrance with Blousey shampoo, which I often use as it's super nourishing on my colour treated hair, and every time I washed my hair using it I'd find my self catching whiffs of it when my hair moved and loving the fragrance. I was further convinced to give Flower's Barrow a go after my friend Monique visited me in London last month, she bought a bottle at Lush Oxford Street and I fell in love with the fragrance, so much so I had to buy my own bottle yesterday. 

Blast from the past, huh? Orange Blossom is sadly no longer available
however a number of similarly scented products are available.
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom was one of my first Gorilla Perfume loves, I don't wear it a huge amount, but for me it's a nostalgic one as sophisticated and intriguing and was one of the first more 'grown up' fragrances I tried and liked. Before I would have stuck to 'safe' traditional scents and cloyingly sweet scents. And though it's no longer available there are a few products very reminiscent of it, I'm looking at you Happy Happy Joy Joy!, Zest, Sea Spray and the Orange Blossom bath oil (an Oxford St exclusive.)

Forum and Lush Kitchen exclusives, oh my!
(The little tin with the rubbed off label is a solid Comforter fragrance, for anyone wondering.)
Snow Fairy
I couldn't include Snow Fairy perfume and not write a memory about it, it's the biggie for many Lush fans, the intro, the deal-breaker and what brings so many people to Lush at Christmas. Snow Fairy reminds me of my first Lush Christmas, the anticipation, the training, the busyness and the frantic energy in store. I loved it and Snow Fairy was my go-to, now I'm not as much of a Snow Fairy to be honest, I still like it but I prefer other more complex scents now too. That being said my Snow Fairy perfume is so nostalgic for me and it also reminds me of my 19 year old brother, who is 6ft3, built like a house and loves BMXing and rugby, but also loves Snow Fairy shower gel. When I've worn this perfume I've often had friends and strangers smelling me in the street and remarking with excitement: "you smell like sweets!" 

So there we have it a bit of a nosey into my Gorilla Perfume collection and a few glimpses into the memories I've attached to a few of my favourites. I'd love to find out what your favourite Gorilla Perfume fragrance is if you have one? And if you have any memories you instantly think of when you wear a certain perfume? If you're intrigued by Gorilla Perfume why not check out this article on the Lush website, it's well worth a read.

Till next time lovelies.

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