7 Things I Didn't Realise I'd Love About Living in London

Sunday, 5 July 2015

It's been sub-tropical here in London the past week, 35 degrees; safe to say there's some interesting scents on the tube. We all complain about the weather, be it hot or cold, but it has been scorching the past few days, thank the lord for air conditioning eh?! All the same it's been so nice to actually have a Summer and enjoy it a bit, since moving to London I've found I make much more effort to spend time outside, city living and all that. Whether I'm catching some rays by Southbank or reading my book in the park, there are some definite advantages to living in London I'd not even thought about before I moved. So here's a list of 7 things I didn't realise I'd love so much about living in London.

I love South Bank so much...
1. Reading books. My daily tube journeys provide the perfect opportunity to read, it's something I had to neglect whilst at uni but it's so nice to finally read again! (I'm almost finished Yes Please! by Amy Poehler and it is hilarious.)

2. Feeling a lot more anonymous. Living in a fairly small city in Scotland before I was often recognised as that girl with the blue hair... And even though I don't see loads of mermaid haired lovelies in London, it's quite nice to wander and not bump into hundreds of people you know everyday.

3. That there are friendly people in London. This may come as a surprise to many, so many people always say to me, people aren't as nice in London, but I meet so many lovely friendly people everyday. A favourite moment was when a lady came up to me in the park to tell me her little boy (who looked about 5) had told her I was the prettiest lady he'd ever seen and that he loved my hair. It was so cute, but she said she thought I should know, so sweet.

4. Choices. I'm talking variety, choices of where to drink, where to eat, where to shop; I love that in London there's something for everyone. And I'm enjoying making my way around little by little and finding all the different places.

5. The weather. I mean 35 degrees, we can complain and all, but it was hotter than Egypt and Florida in London on Wednesday, that's insane and amazing, and I loved it- mainly because it was my day off and I sat in the park reading my book, but still.

6. Transport. I was back in Scotland last week, and boy did it hit me just how good transport in London is, I mean come on it might be as hot as the Sahara desert on the tube, but it's fast and easy! And the buses and Overground are good, and Ubers ain't so bad either for when you're ballin', as long as it's not a Surged fare... :/ No fun!

7. Feeling like I've found 'my place'. It sounds so cheesy and corny, but it's true. I can't believe how fast I've settled, and feeling like this is where I'm supposed to be, I love where I live and where I work, I've got some friends and generally things are going well. Hey I even paid my first instalment into my pension and my first payment of my student loan; I'm growing up!

Brixton Village, honestly it's the cutest.
I'd love to hear of any things you love about the place you live? Especially if you recently moved there and didn't realise you'd like it so much! Till next time lovelies.

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