Changes a' plenty

Monday, 29 June 2015

So it seems I had another unplanned blog hiatus, but there's a good excuse this time, I promise! Aside from finishing uni, I decided to throw a spanner in the works and made the big move to London, I've been living in London for just over a month now and it feels like it's all falling into place now. I've settled into a lovely flat with really nice flat mates, I love my job and it's generally all working out pretty well.

Sadly it has meant that IonaBlog was neglected whilst 'life' got sorted, but everything is more or less in order now, so I plan to finally get back to some sort of blogging normality! So I guess a bit of a catch up is in order...

Way back in April I headed along to the opening of the beaut' new Lush Oxford Street store,
it is incredible and you must all go visit!

A few years back I decided I wanted to try and see all of my favourite bands and singers at least once; in April I saw Laura Marling and she was incredible... Easily one of the best live performers.

A wee throwback with the Lush Stirling fam' supporting #YesEquality it's been an incredible few months for Equal Rights activism and here's to many more! #GayIsOk

Leaving little ol' Stirling, the worst part about moving will always be the people you leave behind! Moving to London is definitely one of the best decisions I've made, but I'll always miss my family and friends, my leaving night was so much fun though, spent with the best pals a girl could want!

Settling into London life and the excitement that comes with it, Waterloo Station was taken over by Raptors to help promote Jurassic World, how fun!

Quite possibly my favourite part of my new flat, my cute wee fireplace! I can't wait to get a wee cactus to go on my mantelpiece too. 
A perk of living in London is getting to see this babe more often,
London pals head over and like Gill's Facebook to keep up with when she's singing in and around London!

Sums life currently up pretty well...

Choccywoccydodah serving up some sassy merman realness, slay Merman slay!

Hitting up our mecca when Monique came to visit... Lush Oxford Street you're on another level!

EEEP we're officially honours graduates, graduation with my uni bestie Gilly. Wearing the beaut Zsa Zsa dress from Lindy Bop and one of my favourite recent bargains; the strawberry bag is from Primark! 

Champagne all round, well I did graduate with a first so it's obligatory no? At least all those late nights in the library were worth it ;) 

And lastly a wee Dusk night with my favourite American whilst I was back in Stirling; cause it's never just drinks...
So there we have it a bit of a snippet of what the last few months since finishing my big bad dissertation have involved... Now I'm officially a London resident I'll be trying to get stuck into the London blogging scene as well as posting about making my flat super homely and Pinterest worthy. 

Till next time lovelies!