It's OVER!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Just thought you should all know, yesterday I submitted my dissertation all 14,496 words of it! Well over 35,000 words with all my appendices and references, eek sorry Rainforest! I'll be back to posting regularly again very soon, but this weekend I'll be celebrating having completed fourth year, now just graduation and grad' ball to go!!

A semi-serious one first... As of course you have to Instagram handing in your diss'

Though this one is a more accurate representation of my feelings towards handing it in,
and my embarrassment at taking photos by the Loch whilst the UniLink bus went past! 
I'm excited to get back to my wee blog and uploading lots of exciting new content, especially as I'll soon be making the big move down South! No set date as of yet, but if you know of any PR, Social Media or Marketing entry level jobs in the big smoke, send 'em my way! ;) Till next time pals, I'm off to celebrate!

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