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Saturday, 21 March 2015

You’d be forgiven for thinking your eyes are deceiving you, but yes this is a blog post on IonaBlog, this wee blog has been much neglected over the past few months and with less than one month until the dreaded dissertation deadline, sadly the hiatus will continue for a bit. Well except for this post… Last month the lovely folk over at Joe's Bloggers invited me along to an afternoon of crafting and cake at The Butterfly and The Pig in Glasgow, sponsored by Hillarys Blinds. If I’m honest I was a little confused as to how a blind company and a craft workshop could marry up, but after snooping on the hashtag on twitter and checking out a few posts from other workshops I knew I was in for a treat! I rarely have time to binge watch shows on Netflix let alone get stuck into crafting, something I really miss actually! Here’s hoping I can make more time for it once I’ve graduated, we’ll see huh? 

What a cute setting for our afternoon, The Butterfly and Pig is absolutely adorable!
Ably led by a couple of lovely ladies from The Crafty Hen a company who specialise in running craft workshops all over the country, it’s such a cool concept and would be perfect for someone looking to do something a little different for their birthday or hen-do! Now it’s probably wise I get this out in the open early on, I hadn’t sewn a thing in years! Probably since I first learnt to sew, I can’t use a sewing machine and the only type of stitching I can do is a random basic one and I have no idea what it’s called… I’m what could best be described as a beginner, which is rather embarrassing as my Mum is so good at sewing and knocking up costumes and curtains, I always blame it on not having the option to take Home Economics at school… 

Thankfully for me The Crafty Hen ladies were well equipped to deal with such talent or lack there of and had come equipped with idiot-proof guidelines and were very patient! First up we all made a notebook cover and I’m so chuffed with how mine turned out, I pleasantly surprised myself! It mightn’t be the prettiest on the inside, but the pretty Hillarys fabric combined with some ribbon and buttons, combined together and the finished piece actually looked pretty good! You can’t exactly go wrong with blue can you…
Not bad huh?
After we’d successfully created our notebook covers it was time for cake and boy the cake did not disappoint! I’ll be returning to the Butterfly and the Pig just for the cake, it was that good; I had the pear and white chocolate cake and it was easily one of the best cakes I’ve had in ages… Perhaps something to do with me avoiding eating cake lately?

Yes, yes, it was as good as it looks!

Now for the hard part...

Next we tackled the more challenging of the crafting projects, a tiny stuffed bird… If I’m honest I did better than i expected, but I don’t think I’ll be gifting my little bird to anyone any time soon, it’s a little rough around the edges we’ll say. All in all I had such a lovely time at the Hillary’s Crafternoon, chilling out, catching up with fellow Scottish bloggers and forgetting about my dissertation for a while; which reminds me I should probably round this up and finish off transcribing my interviews! A big thanks to Joes Bloggers (@JoesBloggers) for inviting me along and to the lovely lot from Hillarys Blinds too and of course I can’t forget The Crafty Hen and The Butterfly and Pig!

The most impressive part was that I managed to avoid stabbing myself with a needle, success!
Everyone looking mighty pleased with their efforts, probably for the best I'm hidden up at the back... :P
Speak soon lovely readers, normal service will return soonish; I promise!!

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