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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Well I guess I better start off by wishing y'all (whoever is reading this) a Happy New Year, I hope you all had a fabulous Hogmanay whatever you were up to. I headed to the Edinburgh Street Party with two of my friends and had the best time, we counted down to the bells dancing away at Hot Dub Time Machine and drinking rum from a Camel Pak; forever keeping it classy! Then continued partying till 5am, we were celebrating the new year after all. I love celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh as there's such an amazing atmosphere and this year was no different, it was easily one of the best nights out I've had and it was so good spending it with some of best people too!
Hogmanay with my favourite South Africans!
Rum and dancing aside, it's now time to get on with the new year, making resolutions and generally getting my life sorted after the Christmas rush... This year will undoubtedly bring a lot of changes, I'll be graduating (again) this time with Honours- well as long as I don't f*ck it up! Eek! Moving out and generally just trying to become a grown up of sorts, scary huh!? So in order for this all to go smoothly I've set myself a few resolutions/aims that I hope to not only continue throughout 2015.
First up is getting my ass back into gear with Slimming World, there's a number of reasons but I'd stopped going to classes back in November and had consequently put on a bit of weight, not nearly as much as I'd expected (especially after Christmas!) but all the same, this year I plan to reach and stay at my target weight! This is something I know is possible and I rejoined at my original class on Saturday and have spent the evening eagerly planning out meals/recipes and generally getting back to it.
Raked out a really old picture of me at the 'footy' in Australia- in what now seems like a former life I not only regularly watched sports but also played and coached them! I look so so young here!
Secondly is getting fitter in some way, I'm not sure what form of exercise I plan to do, but I need to do something- I'm not expecting to become some crazy gym bunny as that's not me in the slightest. But I do miss sport, I worked as a sports teaching assistant during my Gap Year you see, and I want to find time this year to get involved in sport again in some way. Watch this space this one will require some work... First up though will be getting my 'Body Magic' awards at Slimming World, that's a start!
Finally and perhaps most importantly is to get more in control of my finances, this year will be the year I make the big move down South- I'm in the midst of applying for grad schemes, jobs and the likes and need to save every penny I can ahead of moving out. Of course there'll be other things I'll need to do ahead of moving but saving is perhaps one of the most important, I have an all important deposit to save! So I'm setting up a direct debit from my bank account every pay day to ensure I save a fair whack of my pennies! My savings account will be replenished in no time- I hope!

Last but not least a wee snap from the bells at the Street Party, a belated Happy New Year to you all,
wishing you all the best for the year to come, let's do this!
I'd love to hear what your New Years Resolutions/Aims are; mine aren't all measurable but are lifestyle changes I can continue, sadly I'll be cutting down on shopping etc. In order to make sure I achieve all of the above long term but I'm sure it'll be worth it! And of course I've a dissertation to write so that'll be taking up a considerable amount of my time and efforts, bring on 2015!

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