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Sunday, 14 September 2014

On Monday I'll be starting fourth year at uni, and as it's my last year at uni I decided to start a blog post series of sorts on posts about being a student, first up I'm going to start with a few tips to help through uni, it's not easy by any sense of the imagination, but being a student is supposed to be about learning and having fun, after all!

Haulin' getting set for heading back to uni' for me means new stationery,
sparkles and pretty prints are obviously compulsory!
1. Go to all lectures, seminars and workshops! (as many as you anyway!) This sounds like an obvious one but make sure not to get into the habit of missing classes, once you do it's difficult to get back into studying, you'll be glad you went to your classes when it comes to exams or writing essays!

2. Organisation is the key; I'm sure I've said this before, but keeping organised is so important as much in life as it is being a student. I'd be lost without my diary, it helps to keep me knowing where I'm supposed to be, what I need to do and the likes, keep a diary or use your phone to help you stay organised, very important as a student!

3. Try not to blow your whole student loan in the first week! Much as student discount offers and going out every night is tempting, try to restrain yourself, (though I live at home so haven't experienced living off beans though I can't imagine I'd enjoy it!) I can't claim to be the best with money, but I try to make sure I rarely get into my student overdraft and pay off my credit card monthly, I only use it for making big purchases to help build up my credit rating. Though a pretty basic one budgeting is super important to get into the habit of as a student, you'll thank yourself when you've got an extra £50 or so left over and can splurge or save for a rainy day!
Just a few basic and probably obvious tips for any other students out there, whether you're starting 1st or 3rd year, I think they all still apply and hopefully you might find them helpful too! I'll be continuing on with the student theme with Iona Blog Student Survival over the next few weeks as I start at a new uni and begin fourth year, eek I'm excited but also nervous! Being the new kid is never easy, so I'm a little bit nervous about it all, fingers crossed! If you studied or are currently studying I'd love to hear your top tips for students/any advice for me starting fourth year is also greatly welcomed!

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