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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another in my Iona Blog Student Survival series is this post I've written in collaboration with GiffGaff, many of us know how expensive the cost of living is these days and sadly for me living away from home whilst I studied wasn't an option that I considered economically viable. When I moved back to Scotland from Australia I could've moved out but to be truthfully honest it didn't seem worth it! I recently finished my BA in Media and Communications which I studied at college, studying at college meant I had smaller class sizes and was able to gain a lot of hands on experience that might not have been possible studying in a much larger pool of students, so studying locally to my family was the best option. I've lived at home whilst I've been studying and though living with your parents is sometimes difficult, I'm lucky in that I have a pretty good relationship with my Mum and Dad.
Moving back home after living away from home for a few fair years was definitely tricky at first!
Moving home after going to boarding school and living in Australia aged 18 was a bit of a culture shock, but for me I think one of the most important things for anyone living at home (older than 18) is trust, my parents trust me and don't constantly question everything I do. But similarly I am respectful and let them know rough ideas of what I'm up to. I'd hate for them to wait up every night I go out, but simply by sending them a text if I decide to stay out much later than planned, I'm considerate of them and any plans they may already have.

Another key aspect of my living arrangement working is rent, I do pay rent; though I might not pay a lot of money, both myself and my parents feel this is important so that I am in the habit of paying rent monthly (I'll have to do it when I move out) and personally I would feel disrespectful if I didn't contribute in some way. I generally transfer the money to my parents bank account, that way it's much simpler and I don't have to worry about remembering to lift cash from the ATM, paying a little each month towards the running of the house, to me makes it much easier to feel in control and still feel that we're all in charge to a certain extent!

The 'We're All The Boss' concept is pretty interesting, Giff Gaff asked me to write a post about how I 'survive' living with my parents, it's pretty simple for me if I'm honest, being willing to give and take; by contributing to chores and helping out with my rent money, my relationship with my parents is much less strained! Yes we have a laugh and a bit of a joke but there's no need to post cringey texts online or set 'ground rules' though I have been known to tweet funny and ridiculous things they've said in the past :P
This photo is hideous, but is also potentially one of my favourite family photos ever!
1. We were the only ones on the ride at 9.50pm.
2. My Mum, Dad and youngest brother look terrified.
3. My face is in typical 'Iona' fashion...very expressive!
My advice to anyone still living at home is to be mindful of your parents and I'm sure in return they'll be pretty laid-back with you; I'm lucky that mine are anyway! I'd love to hear from any other students (or just anyone in general over 18 who lives at home) and what your survival tips or coping strategies are?! I'm out of the house a lot which I'm sure definitely helps, having my own routine is a big part of my life and keeps me out of my parents 'hair' as much as keeping them out of mine! I'm not trying to say that living with your parents aged 22 is always easy but the positives for me right now outweigh the negatives, I'm able to save money for when I finish my honours (only 9months till graduation, eek!) so I'll be in a much better situation to move out and hopefully be in a much better position to move for work, watch out big city lights I'm coming for you! So if like me you're in your early or even late twenties and still living at home, don't beat yourself up about it; make the most of it, save all the pennies and enjoy those home cooked meals whilst you still can, you'll definitely miss them when you move out!

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