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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

So todays post is a little different, today we're talking underwear, more specifically bras... Apologies for the cheesy title, but you know me always trying (note trying) to be witty and funny... Why bras you might ask, well finding the perfect bra is pretty much the bane of my life. I may be overreacting a touch but, I'm serious when I say that bra shopping for me is pretty much a nightmare. I'm not going to go overly personal and disclose my size and all (lets keep a bit of mystery on this 'ere blog) but today I'll be focusing on a couple of newly launched bras that have come up on my radar and have peaked my interest.
So this pretty much sums up my life when trying to buy bras... Yup. Plus I'm just a huge LSP fan!
Source: Pinterest
First up is the Triumph Magic Wire bra, designed to provide comfort and support and feel like a second skin; being rather busty myself this sounds pretty perfect, sadly I was gutted to discover they don't make my size; definitely worth checking out though if you're in their size range! If you fancy finding out a bit more about the 'No Wire Sensation' Triumph will be unveiling the Magic Wire bra at Jenners in Edinburgh this Friday from 2pm onwards, where you can get fitted, (I recommend everyone go get measured you'll be astounded!) drink champagne and find out all there is to know about one of the newest 'miracle' bras on the street, I'm crossing my fingers and toes they're developing one in my size as we speak!

Secondly and a bra I've been gibbering on about non-stop for the past few weeks is the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra, busty girls rejoice, Curvy Kate are here to answer your strapless bra needs! I've literally been counting down the days waiting for this bra to launch! Pretty sad, but the Luxe is the only bra I've been able to find on the market that is not only strapless, but most excitingly a strapless bra that goes up to a J cup! Wonders will never cease! I haven't ordered this yet as it's not available in my size from Very at the moment, but as soon as it is I'll be ordering it and trying it out to see if the Luxe is all it's been hyped up to be, I most certainly hope it is. Curvy Kate have been celebrating launching the Luxe with their hashtag #myultimateuplift
source; Curvy Kate blog
I'd love to know what you think of this different angled post, would you ever talk bras on your blog, or is underwear talk strictly off limits as far as you're concerned! And most importantly do you share my ridiculous obsession, are you easily excited by news of new bras on the market, or not too bothered with it all...?

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