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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sometimes a day off is much called for, if you're a regular reader you're probably well aware that I'm somewhat of a workaholic and switching off for the day is by no means easy... Last Thursday was my day off and was spent frolicking in our fair capital, I headed through on the train bright and early hopeful I'd get my grubby mitts on a pair of £3 Original Price Dr. Martens, sadly I was unsuccessful... The queue was crazy long, not to worry though as after my failed attempt to pick up a bargain pair of DM's I met up with my pal Lynsey for a day of chat, window shopping and a wee pub lunch, pretty perfect if you ask me.

After a chilled out day Lynsey and I headed off to the
Made from Scotland pop up shop launch event for a wee wine or two and a swatch of the wares on offer. Made from Scotland is an online marketplace for 'beautiful Scottish products'; "The madefromscotland.com team were becoming increasingly frustrated that what the 
world saw were mainly the stereotypical traditional Scottish pieces and, to be honest, we were a little bit embarrassed."  Seeing some of the products available from madefromscotland.com in the 'flesh' as it were, was a real treat; I'm a big fan of Gillian Kyle and had my eye on a few of her pieces as well as eyeing up the prints by The Grey Earl, I restrained myself to just a greeting card, for my noticeboard! Very well behaved Iona!

The Grey Earl

After a good gab and creating a mental shopping list the length of my arm, we headed off to the launch night of The Cask & Still, I didn't manage to get any pictures there as it was pretty busy and my phone battery was dying a death, but I'll definitely be sure to head back again soon next time I'm in sunny Leith! The Cask & Still has recently been revamped under new ownership and offers a great range of ales, whiskys' and gins; happy Iona indeed! I'd recommend a Johnnie Walker Apple Cooler (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called?!) though far too easy to drink!
Whisky is far too easily becoming a go-to drink... 

Johnnie Walker Apple Cooler, yum!
All in all a pretty sweet day if you ask me, if you fancy heading along to the Madefromscotland Pop Up Boutique head along to 115-117 Rose Street, Edinburgh, you know you want to! And if you're looking for a spot of liquid refreshment afterwards why not head along to The Cask & Still (180-182 Leith Walk) down the bottom end of Leith Walk; I've heard they do a mean selection of pies too!

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