Taking the chop; Rainbow Rooms Stirling Review

Monday, 25 August 2014

It's no surprise that bleaching and dying your hair can damage your hair, keeping up a blue mermaid mane like mine has its trials and tribulations and of late my mane has been a tad unruly... Quite simply it needed cut and by cut I mean sheared, I hadn't had my hair cut in almost a year and a chop was much needed. I am very loyal when I find a hairdressers that I am comfortable with, paranoia about bad haircuts and all that, so when my regular stylist left the salon I visited without fail every 6 weeks I was pretty gutted, I persevered for another visit trying out a different stylist but though my hair was nice enough, the service wasn't the same and it was actually more expensive, fast forward 11.5 months and I hadn't stepped foot inside a hair salon to have my hair done since.

So when Laura at AJC contacted me asking if I'd like to review a cut* at Rainbow Rooms International, Stirling, I jumped at the chance; the Stirling Rainbow Rooms opened in 2000 at the helm was (and still is) Wil Fleeson who has directed the team ever since. Wil has over 20 years hairdressing experience and has been nominated for Scottish Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards 5 times!

After a warm welcome to the salon from Thalia and the rest of the front of house team, I was left in the capable hands of Wil for my much needed hair cut, anyone who knows me knows how much hair I have, 'mane' doesn't quite begin to cover it, I remember once having my hair cut by a Junior at a salon in Canterbury and it taking 3 hours! Though I have masses of hair the individual hairs are actually really fine and during my consultation Wil instantly noticed this and was able to assess through us chatting the perfect cut for me, "hello subtle inverted layers!"

To give you all a bit of an idea of how my hair was pre-Rainbow Rooms visit, let me put it this way fly-aways for days, and no amount of coconut oil treating was making much difference, enter Bonacure... Dun, dun, dun, Bonacure could possibly be the most life changing hair mask I've ever tried, yep typical Iona overreacting well I'm being deadly serious when I stress how amazing this deep-conditioning treatment was on my hair! There's lots of science behind how the Scwarzkopf Bonacure treatment works which instantly hooked my nerdy side (love me some facts and figures!) One of the lovely assistants Angel applied the BC Repair Rescue treatment to my hair and of course the famous RRI shiatsu head massage; those massages are far too good! Schwarzkopf have managed to (by accident actually) create a treatment that makes damaged hair like mine was feel silky soft and smooth again, if you fancy reading all the facts have a wee look here.

'Tools of the trade' i.e the necessary products to get my hair looking fabby!
My holy grail product is the Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment on the left, I LOVE IT!
The powder wax was also pretty awesome, a definite one to watch...
With my locks well on their way to being back in tip top condition it was time to trim off the ends and give my hair some much needed shaping, step in hairdresser extraordinaire Wil to transform my tired barnet! I knew I needed a fair bit chopped off and my hair is definitely looking all the better for it, chatting me through my cut Wil and I chatted about the RRI Academy, the history of the Stirling salon and of course all things blue hair (Watch this space for my Winter 14/15 hair colour transformation...) and I couldn't be happier with the results, my hair feels lighter and so much easier to style and manage. I kept lots of the length and volume though, so my mermaid locks are still flowy, just much healthier!
Tah Dah! 
After a years hiatus from the hairdressers, I'm already looking forward to my next trip to the salon and will be booking my next appointment at Rainbow Rooms very soon! Any one else guilty of avoiding the hairdressers? Or struggling to find one you're happy with? I urge you to keep trying, when you find the right one it'll be worth it! If you fancy finding out a bit more about Rainbow Rooms or visiting one of their 12 Scottish salons click here!
I still can't get over how happy I am with my new haircut, a few days later it is still sitting nicely and even sits better when I put it up in a bobble! Note to self: don't leave it so long before my next haircut, eep!
*My visit to RRI Stirling was complimentary, but all opinions given are completely my own.*

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