Fruity prints, doughnuts, gin and nails... The perfect night?!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Off to sun myself in Florida for a couple of weeks, back soon in the meantime here's a few pictures from the launch of the Abandon Ship Apparel Girls collection in Glasgow on Tuesday evening. A huge thanks to Amanda and the rest of the Abandon Ship team for a fab night and the lovely ladies from Betty & Bee, love y'all! A night of Good Luck Kid doughnuts (which were to die for btw!), Gin & Ginger courtesy of The Glasgow Gin Club, bitchin' nails and temporary tattoos from one of my nail art faves Tammy of DIY Nails and the fab guys from Sassoon' who transformed my mane into mermaidy waves! Coupled with the incredible new ASA prints and I was in my element, thanks all for a fab 'un!

I picked up a few pieces on the night, but I'm already eyeing up another few pieces oops! Brace yourself for 'all' the selfies now, here's a few from the night and a wee selfie in my new 'What A Melon' crop yesterday, I LOVE that print far too much!

Unintentional coloured hair gang, cause normal hair is so last year! ;)

Mermaid Curls! Thanks Sassoon, Glasgow!

Tammy ya' babe, who doesn't want to have ASA decals and sparkly silver nails!
Shades and 'WhatAMelon' print, obvs...
Off to get a few hours of sleep now as I'm up bright and early to hotfoot it to Florida for a couple of weeks hanging out with my pals Mickey and Harry, see y'all soon! If you fancy checking out the new Abandon Ship Girls collection (DO IT!) click here or check them out on Instagram @abandonshipgirls or Twitter @abandonshipapp (my personal faves are the Mandala and WhatAMelon prints!)

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