The Comforter? Lush Spa Treatment

Monday, 21 April 2014

So how are we all? I hope you've all enjoyed a fabulous Easter weekend, eating chocolate eggs and the likes, I was working over the weekend but made up for it today with a trip to the Lush Spa in Edinburgh, I actually wrote about the spa back when it opened in 2012  (click here to read it, there's more pictures of the spa, as I didn't take any today...) but still hadn't been for a treatment till today. It was so difficult to decide which treatment to try out first as if I'm honest they all sound amazing! I'm hoping to try out the A Hard Day's Night treatment next! Which is inspired by The Beatles! 

The Lush approach to spa treatments is completely unlike any other spa, in place of the clinical, cool spas experience: Lush provide a warm, homely and comforting experience, a 'quintessiantally English spa'. Replacing the sterile surroundings with a cosy cottage inspired decor, you'd never know the Edinburgh Lush Spa is on Princes Street.
The Comforter? Is inspired by Rowena Bird one of the Lush founders and a lover of all things pink and sweet, designed to be a cosy exfoliating treatment, which leaves you with silky smooth skin. The Comforter? is  a comforting, fun and light-hearted treatment, which reminds you not to take life to seriously, the soundtrack features well-known childhood classics reworked by Simon Emmerton of The Imagined Village. 

My Mum and Dad actually bought me my spa voucher for Christmas, so it was exciting to finally have some time to visit the spa, and the perfect relaxing day before the hectic month I have ahead! I'd decided to try The Comforter? first as it seemed like a fun treatment and the perfect introductory treatment to the Lush Spa. I have all my final hand-ins for college over the next few weeks and then my exams next month, I can't wait for all the stresses to be over but then the hard bit begins deciding what to do next eep! (I'll be having another Lush Spa treatment after my exams though, which I'll report back on too.)

My therapist Rhoda, made me feel comfortable and at ease as she chatted to me about the treatment over a glass of cucumber and grapefruit water, I was then tucked under a big cosy duvet on a heated marshmallow mattress, it was definitely the perfect way to have an exfoliating treatment, not cold or invasive but still with silky smooth skin the final result, perfect! The Comforter? was everything I'd hoped for and more if I'm honest, a hot chocolate body scrub packed with ground aduki beans to exfoliate and tamarind to brighten the skin, followed by a deliciously sweet massage with the rose massage bar, again featuring tamarind to brighten, as well as nourishing Argan oil and balancing rose absolute. 

I'd definitely recommend The Comforter? to anyone looking to give the Lush Spa a first try, fans of all things sweet or just looking for a light-hearted, fun treatment, complete with rose scented bubbles and chocolate! There are 6 Lush Spa's in the UK, I visited the Edinburgh Spa, but there are also spas in Liverpool, Poole, London Chelsea, Leeds and Kingston.

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  1. The Comforter is definitely a favourite of mine, such a sweet smelling product and lasts a while too!! <3 xx

  2. The comforter smells so GOOD!



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