'Just Say Yes!' Five Favourite Motivational Songs!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I'm writing this post in advance, as I know it'll be good to read it later in the week when I will undoubtedly (and I'm sure there are others who'll be in the same boat!) need a pick me up, this week for me is a bit mental if I'm honest, lots of working, lots of assignments due and just general craziness! Wah!
So today I'm bringing you another of my five favourite songs, today's category is favourite 'cheer me up' songs, songs that as soon as I listen to them I instantly feel happier and ready to take on the world, I jest, but you get the idea!

First up is Brimful of Asha, a song that reminds me of my childhood and dancing around the house with my Mum and Dad, it is undoubtedly a 'choon' and never fails to put me in the mood for a good boogie!

Next up we've got another golden oldie from my childhood, Fatboy Slim: Praise You- I swear that one day I will learn the dance routine from the music video, purely so I can bust the moves when I'm on a night out, I know some of the moves but not the whole routine (yet)! 

Smack bam in the middle is Erasure: A Little Respect, a song that dependent on the version can make me dance like a happy loon or cry my eyes out (anyone else see Gay Wedding The Musical?) this is one of my all time favourite songs, I just think it's really beautiful!

Now I'm a sucker for strings in a song and this next one delivers on that, Elbow- One Day Like This, is such a motivational boost! I always feel this song is best when blasted at top volume.

Narrowing my top cheer up songs to just 5 was really difficult, And deciding on a final song was tricky to say the least but I settled for Snow Patrol- Just Say Yes, the perfect uplifting song to brighten up a gloomy day or give you a boost when everything seems a bit tough! The lyrics say it all really: "Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back." I really should live by them a bit more! 

Anyways I could've listed hundreds of songs that cheer me up and I might end up making a spotify playlist and linking it in this post, but that'll depend on how much I'm choosing to procrastinate eh? Hope you're all enjoying the week.
*So I went ahead and created the playlist, a Spotify playlist of 50 songs I think are great motivational boosters/cheer me up classics, hope y'all enjoy!* Click the link to listen to some sweet, sweet music! Motivation Station 


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  2. Loved your cheer up songs - I cried all the way through the Gay Wedding - I also had a shufty at your review of the Lush Spa - I think I will be heading through to Edinburgh soon. I followed your blog and look forward to some more Scottish recommendations, especially for those cocktails. Would love you to have a look at mine - its at www.lippylikes.com

  3. Hahaha aww no, just say yes is my heartbreak song ha! But the rest are so spot on :) x


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