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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It's becoming very clear that blogging over the next few months will be an ongoing battle, finding time to blog when juggling two jobs and the impending doom that is finishing off all my coursework and final exams (exaggeration much...) but hey what can you do.

The past month or so has been filled with writing up projects and proposals and getting stuck into putting together a marketing strategy for the charity I now work at, oh and of course the usual weekly dose of bath bomb selling! There's hardly been a spare minute to breathe!

I'm writing a quick post up today on my lunch-break something a little different for you all, a selection of my favourite covers of all time. I love when a cover makes you listen to a song in a completely different light.

Last week I went to see Bastille with one of my blogging (and real life) besties Laura, we took a wee trip to Wagamama before we headed to The Corn Exchange, we had such a good night dancing away to Bastille and the amazing support acts Angel Haze and Rag N Bone Man, it's always great to discover new artists through the support acts! When I first started listening to Bastille they hadn't yet released an album instead I listened to their mixtapes, 'Other People's Heartbreak' and 'Other People's Heartbreak Part.2' as a media student I'm fascinated by sampling and the concept of taking different genres and styles of music (art or fashion) and meshing them together to create something new. The original mixtapes released by Bastille formed the basis for many of the songs on their current album Bad Blood, particularly a number of the songs from their extended album release All This Bad Blood.

To any usual readers of my blog, you might be reading think woah, this is not like the usual blog content of IonaBlog, so I apologise if I'm getting too in depth but I could write on and on about covers and sampling, though I don't know a huge amount about playing instruments (apart from trombone and bagpipes, though not for years) I am really interested in the theory behind what inspires and shapes musicians, artists and designers as a whole, especially in regards to my favourite thing New Media! Off on a bit of a tangent there but hey, I love that on the mixtapes the took audio from films, lyrics from old nineties tracks and current top 40 songs to 'new' songs adding in their own lyrics, so clever and some of my favourite covers come from the mixtapes.

I first heard of Angus and Julia Stone back when I lived in Melbourne, back then their song 'Big Jet Plane' was massive, when I heard their cover of 'You're the One That I Want' a few months back I instantly fell in love with it. I love their unique take on the cheesy classic from Grease.
Ah Radio1 Live Lounge how I love thee, when I first heard Bastille's cover of Miley's infamous 'We Can't Stop' I must've listened to it almost a hundred times, overkill maybe, but I love it! Oh and the Disney and Achey Breaky Heart references never fail to make me giggle.
Is it bad that I like Alpha Blondy's cover of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' more than the original? I hope not, as you can't go wrong with a bit of reggae, bagpipes and Pink Floyd thrown in the mix for good measure.
Last but not least Lissie's cover of 'Pursuit of Happiness' this reminds me so much of living in Melbourne as I constantly listened to Lissie when I lived there, again I like how different it is to the original and her unique tone, beautiful!

So there we have it a slightly different post for the ol' blog I hope you've all enjoyed it and I do hope to post more regularly, though who knows as sadly the next few months are filled with exams and college work, June is looking much quieter however! Mainly as I'll be finished my degree by then, eek.

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