Get into the Blue!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

So I guess I decided it was time for a change again, after a few months of pink locks I decided I fancied trying out a new pastel shade this time going for pastel blue, my lovely pal Loughlan was nice enough to help me redye my roots and transform my pinky blonde hair into full on mermaid tresses! Eep how exciting!

For those of you wondering I used Smart Beauty Baby Blue mixed with conditioner to achieve my pastel look, I was really impressed with the quality of the dye and at only £2.99 a box in Savers, pretty bargainous too!

I'm so happy with the results of dying my hair with the Baby Blue hair dye, there are multi tonal bits in my hair, as I didn't want to bleach it all over which would've affected the condition of my hair so only did the roots and worked the bleach through the lengths just before rinsing out... Though I quite like the end look with different tones and shades giving it a bit more depth. What do you all think? Have you tried out a new hair colour recently, or are you considering taking the plunge? (Get it mermaid hair, plunge, ;) bad joke!!)

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  1. That's so really suits you :)


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