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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It's already mid-January, hard to believe really... so far 2014 has been a bit of a whirlwind I guess, with work and starting back at college (only a few months and it'll be all over!) and keeping up with coursework, things have unsurprisingly been hectic, I honestly feel like a broken record! Always going on about how busy I am, as much as I enjoy my course I can't wait to be finished and grasp and feel I can finally achieve order and balance in my life, sadly it's not something I've had as of late.
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In 2014 I have a few resolutions, they aren't so much concrete resolutions that I will have measurable aims with (well some are) but I guess my resolutions are changes I'd like to make this year and continue for the future.

  • Try to create better balance in my life, I feel at the moment I'm not really in control of everything, and that majorly stresses me out.
  • Keep on track with Slimming World, I'm thinking of starting WIW (Weigh in Wednesday) posts though I'm not comfortable to disclose my weight online, I will post with how I've been getting on, losses to date etc. 
  • Ideally I'd like to achieve my SW target this year, it's definitely achievable, so far I've lost 1stone 4.5lbs, so I'm planning to keep on track to achieve my goal weight!
  • To not get worked up about the future, at the moment I'm rather stressed about what I'll be doing after I finish up my degree at college, getting stressed about it won't help in any way.
  • Improve my sleeping pattern, I'm very aware how awful my sleeping pattern is and it's something I know I can easily improve.
  • Keep on top of my coursework and revision, I've only got a few months left till I'll have finished my degree so I need to make the most of it. Last week I got my two highest ever grades on two assessments and it gave me a taste of how it feels, to achieve 90% on assessments! I know I'm my own worst enemy with college work; time management will be the key this year!
So there we have it a few goals I'd like to try and achieve this year, who knows hopefully I'll manage them all! Of course blogging related my resolution is to not be so erratic, I'd like to post 1-2 times a week minimum and if I've got time for more then go for it. 
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This illustration by Maurice Sendak is from my favourite book from my childhood 'The Sign on Rosie's Door' I think even today I want to be more like Katie and not give two hoots, what people think about me! Add that to the list ;)

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