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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sometimes after a busy week of working or studying you need nothing more than an excuse to get glitzed up and head out dancing, it usually does the trick for me anyway! My friend Vickie was home this weekend and as we didn't get a night out over Christmas decided we'd head out for a cheeky wee night out, which of course gave me another excuse to don' my newest glitzy additions to my wardrobe; my all over sequinned skirt and my beautifully sparkly bangle* from Glitzy Secrets. I'd intended to have a glitzy OOTD post up with this beaut bracelet between Christmas and New Year, but thanks to a dodgy memory card and hunners' of shifts at work it never happened, sacre bleu!

Last night was just what I needed, a night out dancing with the girls, bumping into lots of friends and for the first time ever not feeling so self conscious, I guess I'm finally starting to feel more confident thanks to following Slimming World and I'm so glad of it! With my mane freshly 'pinked', the sparkliest skirt to boot (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it on Hogmanay) and a super sparkly bangle, there was no chance of last nights outfit blending into the background!!

Sadly I don't have a full length picture as I got ready too late to get one on my way out and everywhere was too busy to get one inside, however I'm planning to wear this outfit again in London next week as it's my new favourite and will definitely get outfit pictures, finally!

Signature eyebrow raise for good measure...

I love that with this bangle there's not much need for any other jewellery, as I like to let the sparkle speak for itself...
Enchanting Beauty Bangle £28.00* Glitzy Secrets
Classy selfies with Vickie ;)
I hope you've all had a great weekend whatever you've been up to, I've got a busy but exciting week ahead, starting a new job, karaoke and tapas with my favourite bloggers, a night in a hotel and of course London, not sure when I'll squeeze in sleep! What are you up to this coming week?

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