Charmed I'm Sure... Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel Review.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ah Valentines Day, funnily I don't celebrate V'Day- which for me is more like 'Singles Awareness Day' haha, but I was however very excited about the new Valentines range at Lush; consisting of 6 lovely limited edition products, we were all very excited about them at our store! Even though we just said good bye to the Christmas products, today I've got a review of my favourite item from the Valentines range, a brand new shower gel named Prince Charming.
I've borrowed this picture from my store's facebook page; Lush Stirling

Though I'm hopeful using this shower gel will attract my Prince Charming, I am doubtful. Though at least after using Prince Charming I smell amazing, if I do say so myself, with cleansing fresh pomegranate juice and a moisturising marshmallow root and vanilla concoction, Prince Charming smells like a juicy, fruity smoothie and has quickly become my go-to shower gel of the moment, perfect for combating the January blues!
Prince Charming Showe Gel available online and in Lush stores.
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The Good

  • Consistency; Prince Charming has a thicker almost gel like texture and a little goes a long way!
  • Scent; a blend of zesty, fruity oils like grapefruit, sandlewood and geranium along with the pomegranate, vanilla and marshmallow root combine to create a completely new scent for Lushies.
  • Effects; my skin feels so soft after using Prince Charming, perfect for dry winter skin, I also used it to deep clean my makeup brushes and now they smell amazing!
The Bad
  • Sadly Prince Charming is a limited edition product, so it won't be around for long! I'll be stocking up though as I really love it!
Prince Charming is available in 3 sizes; 100g £4.65, 250g £9.25 and 500g £15.95

Originally inspired by the song 'Prince Charming' by Adam Ant, the inspiration for Lush's newest shower gel later developed into the kind of Prince Charming you'd find in a fairytale, now if only buying a bottle came with a guaranteed Prince Charming ;)

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  1. Oooh this sounds really nice! I will defiantly have to get into lush and give them a smell. Great review btw :) Found your blog through the scotbloggers page Gisforgingers


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