Raise a toast to 2013 with Toffee Apple Martinis!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I can't quite believe it's Hogmanay, in a matter of hours I'll be counting down to the bells with some of the fabulous ladies I've had a the pleasure of meeting this year. 2013 has been a whirlwind, of changes, new jobs, new pals, new adventures and everything in between... But I'm pretty sure that 2014 will be just as fabulous, and though 2013 hasn't always been unicorns and rainbows, I wouldn't change it!

I've been a tad quiet on the blogging front over Christmas, working in retail leaves little time for family let alone blogging, so all free moments have been spent with family and friends, eating, drinking and being merry! I'm not looking forward to stepping on the scales at SW on Saturday... eek! On Boxing Day we had friends over for a Boxing Day dinner after work, turkey, ham and all the trimmings, yum! Followed up with rounds of cocktails served up in my Great Granny's teacups; White Russians, Elderflower Tattoo's and my take on a Toffee Apple Martini. I'm thinking I'll start sharing more of my cocktail recipes on the blog in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for what's to come, but first Toffee Apple Martinis'.

I didn't make them too boozy and only popped in three shots (which made enough for 3 people), I shook up the spirits together, poured into glasses (teacups) then topped up apple juice with my mixer of choice for this wee recipe, if you wanted to make them stronger you easily could,  I'll be having a go making them stronger tonight!

1 Shot Toffee Apple Sourz*
2 Shots Vodka (I use Absolut)
Apple Juice to taste

Pretty simple really but so tasty, we all loved the subtle sweetness from the Toffee Apple Sourz, mixed with the apple juice, perfect for lovers of appley things!
Thanks Sourz, I'm enjoying experimenting with your newest flavour! 

Have you tried out the new Toffee Apple Sourz yet? I'm looking forward to trying it out in a few other cocktail recipes this evening with the girls as we get ready to head out and party the night away, hope you all have a great Hogmanay, and a Happy New Year to you all when it comes!

*PR Sample

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