Lush Christmas; Let the Good Times Roll REVIEW.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Every time I use 'Let the Good Times Roll' I can't help but sing "They see me rolling, they hatin'" to myself, my mind works in a mysterious way... Today I've got a wee skincare review for you all, I'm hoping to do a few reviews of varying Lush Christmas and year round products over the coming weeks and will hopefully get back into a good routine of blogging!

Let the Good Times Roll is a fresh cleanser which was first released last year, it was a festive favourite of 2012 and many people were very disappointed to see it go after Christmas. To be honest I wasn't a massive fan of LTGTR last year and have only recently become hooked. LTGTR is described on the Lush website as an 'A-maize-in, gentle facial wash' and I couldn't agree more, packed with gentle scrubbiness, it is the perfect facial scrub which is effective yet gentle enough to use every morning.
Credit; Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

And then there's the scent, LTGTR smells like sweet sugary popcorn mixed with cereal, it sounds really random but it's amazing! Another wee bonus with LTGTR is that it has a very short ingredients list and includes only 11 ingredients!! I'd recommend it for pretty much all skin types, with polenta providing a gentle exfoliation, corn oil adding much needed moisture back into the skin and cinnamon which is not only high in anti-oxidants but is great in combating skin issues, triple threat or what?!

Leaving my skin feeling silky smooth, clean and smelling fab, it's a pleasant surprise to find a scrub which doesn't aggravate my easily irritable skin. Simple to use (by taking a pinch and mixing with water in your hand to form a paste) and the perfect cleanser during winter. LTGTR is preservative free and is also a vegan product, and has secured itself a firm place within my daily routine, lucky for me (and you) then that it is rumoured to now be a year-round product, fingers crossed! Let The Good Times Roll is priced at £6.35 per 100g.

Have you tried Let The Good Times Roll or any of Lush's fresh facial cleansers?
Let me know if you decide to give it a try and how you find it!


  1. Oooooh I'm keen to try this one! I'm obsessed with skincare at the moment :)

  2. That sounds lovely...wish I had a nearer Lush shop, I'd be there everyday, ha.


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