It ain't easy, keeping focused!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

So life of late has been rather hectic, can't say I'm surprised though... With a few unexpected changes, which have helped me to focus on the positive aspects of every situation, which can sometimes be hard. 

This week has been my third week following a Slimming World eating plan and undoubtedly my hardest week, with a menu launch at Urban in Glasgow, a Halloween party and countless other days of temptation thrown in it has by no means been easy!

So far I've lost 7.5lbs over my first two weeks of Slimming World and this week have increased my exercise in the hope of counteracting a few moments of naughtiness... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow and hoping I can achieve even a pound off and get back to being good next week! 

I guess sometimes life gets in the way of things but from here on in I'm determined to be stricter as I really want to do well at Slimming World! Wish me luck... 


  1. Good luck! Over half a stone in two weeks is phenomenal though so you are allowed to relax every once in a while so don't beat yourself up! (You know what they say - as long as one bad day doesn't turn into a bad week then you can get past it!) x

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  3. Well done lady - you are doing amazingly well! Don't dwell on this week as although it was hard, keep looking forward and it will start to become part of your routine. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :) xx


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