Monday, 4 November 2013

I recently attended the hotly anticipated Bold Souls Off the Catwalk event, returning from a hiatus after a year off to a sell out event, attendees were not disappointed. I headed through to Glasgow with my friend Jodie to Hummingbird on Bath Street, I've been along before but hadn't had a chance to have a good mooch about last time, sadly I'm on a diet so didn't gorge myself on cocktails and instead stuck to vodka and diet cokes, boring perhaps but helped me along to losing 4.5 pounds in my first week of slimming woohoo!

Anyways less of the diet chat, Bold Souls #OFFTHECATWALK was a great success, featuring some of Scotland's hottest up and coming designers, it was a great chance to meet and chat to the faces behind the respective brands and see their designs in 'action' on the catwalk too.

Having only first heard of Naromode ( @naromode ) in run up to #OFFTHECATWALK I was intrigued to see and find out more about the design duo and their inspirations, of the night Naromode had the designs that I can see myself wearing most, I love print and will definitely be ordering something in the future.

The other brand on the complete other end of the spectrum that I fell in love with was the well known Dundee based Isolated Heroes ( @isolatedheroes ), for me the new Isolated Heroes is basically what I imagine a collection the lovechild of Sulley from Monsters Inc and Cher from Clueless would wear. Yep I think in strange and mysterious ways...

The whole night was a roaring success hats off to the fabulous Silvia of Chouchou also the founder of Bold Souls who organised the event and to the fabulous Sheri and Claire from Betty and Bee, it was the first event that Betty and Bee have worked on and if it's anything to go by (which I know it is!) I'd keep an eye on Scotland's newest Fashion PR and Events duo!

As ever no fashion show is complete without a goodybag and Bold Souls did not disappoint, with the goody bag sponsored by my very own fabby Lush store Lush Stirling and each fashion show attendee recieving a goodybag with products and vouchers from Lush Stirling, DIY nails, Dormouse Tea and Rainbow Rooms International Royal Exchange Square.







Two of the lovely Isolated Heroes' ladies looking fab with
 their Lush Stirling goodie bags! What a great night!

P.S Want to find out more or keep up to date with all things Bold Souls? They're over on facebook and twitter; @boldsoulsuk. Also check out Lush Stirling on facebook and twitter too! @LushStirling

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