Ain't it Fun...

Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's funny how life is sometimes, you get back into a routine, get organised and just as quickly everything seems as if its in upheaval again. The past couple of weeks (since my last post) have been a tad stressful, what with preparing a presentation for a job interview, keeping afloat with college work, actual work and numerous birthday nights out, the ol' blog has been sitting on the backburner oops.

This weekend I'm headed away with a few of my favourite lovely ladies for a weekend of relaxation and plenty of cocktails #scottishbloggershighlandholiday it's something we've been planning for months and I can't quite believe its tomorrow already! Crazy huh, the good news is life seems to be calming down a tad for the moment, the next issue of Fusion is almost ready and break open the champagne because I got the job! Life ain't so bad sometimes after all, have a great weekend all of you, you'll be seeing much more of me again soon!!

Till next time, oh and here's a wee picture of a beautiful sunset I saw this evening whilst walking home from college, Scotland being awfy bonnie.

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  1. Scotland is so bonnie. Your bloggers holiday looked like so much fun! Hope you're not too stressed lovely. xxx


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