Rose coloured spectacles... Bleach London Hair.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

 For many people their hair can act like a comfort blanket, trips to the hairdressers, the thought of losing it or even having it a different colour from what they are used to can spark dread and bring on a cold sweat.

In my entire living memory I've been a blonde and I've been comfortable being blonde, the mere thought of having dark hair (on me) makes me a little nervous, in fact the first time I had my eyebrows tinted when I was 13 I cried for hours and scrubbed at them when I got home. It was a shock, I wasn't used to seeing myself with eyebrows, though now I hate the sight of myself without them, clearly even our own tastes change!

I've been wanting to take the plunge and go for candyfloss coloured hair for a while, and have been getting ashier toners every time I've had my hair done (with my little brothers often commenting that my hair looked 'grey' fresh from the hairdressers, not quite getting that, that look was intentional); with my new job, lots of positive things a-happening and a 'rose tinted spectacled' optimism I thought what better time to jump hair first into the pastel hair trend than now.

Bleach London are definitely at the forefront of all funky coloured hair trends, from the dip dye to 'My Little Pony' hair you name it they've probably had a good go at it, so when I heard that Bleach London were launching a range in Boots I knew I had to get my hands on some! I ordered the Bleach kit, White Toner kit, and 'Rose' and 'Parma Violets' coloured dyes from Boots online and picked them up in my local store, couldn't have been easier!

Bleach London White Toner £7
Bleach London Total Bleach £7

Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour'; Parma Violets £5
Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour'; Rose £

Since dying my hair pink I've had so many positive comments and people telling me how much they love it, which has definitely affirmed my love of my powder pink locks as truth be told I was a little nervous about dying it pink. I only redyed my roots and worked it through the ends for the last 5 minutes so the ends of my hair aren't super light, I then put the toner all over my hair which helped to lift some of the brassiness. I find that my hair can be very golden and warm toned blonde naturally, these days I prefer a much cooler look. Following this I smooshed in the pink dye left it one for a while et voila!

The Pink is on...
Dah-dah! Pulling a typical me face, sorry guys!
Also apologies for the rubbishy picture quality
I've haven't taken any proper photos since dying my hair!
I think I'll be keeping up the pink look for a while, well at least until after Halloween, as I'm planning to go as Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents, but will definitely be trying out the Parma Violets shade after that! At £19 all in for the colour I used for my hair, compare with the £70+ I would usually spend at the hairdressers I think I'll be DIY'ing my hair for a while as its much friendlier to my student budget!

Have you ever dipped your toe into the bright and pastel hair trends? Or jumped right in?

All colours and dye used available at selected Boots stores nationwide or online to collect in store like I did ;) 


  1. I'm the same as you, blonde forever. Even dark blonde makes me nervous haha. I had been thinking about Bleach London...and I do love this colour on you. Perfect for a Wanda outfit!!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I was the same, it was pretty scary to take the plunge into pink but I'm so glad I did, and thanks!! :) x

  2. You look great with pink hair, wish I was brave enough! Was the bleach kit easy enough to use?

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

    1. Thanks lovely, the bleach kit was so easy to use and so effective! :) x

  3. This is just the info I needed. Thank you. I'm doing mine tonight so I was just looking for a review before I do! :-) x


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