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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not last weekend but the one before brought a mixture of emotions (all the feels) on the Saturday I finished my last ever shift at Monsoon, finishing up my time their was a exciting but also a bit sad too. The Sunday was a very unusual occurrence as it brought with it a day off (on a weekend! Wonders will never cease.)

On Sunday I headed through to Edinburgh bright and early to meet up with a few of my lovely Scottish blogger pals Laura, Gillian, Kirsty, Terri and Fiona, I felt like I hadn't seen anyone in ages, so it was great to catch up! We spent the day doing a little shopping, having a tasty afternoon tea, getting our hair 'did' and listening to the absolutely hilarious Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer

I've been meaning to make it along to one of the many Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair events since moving back from Australia, sadly they mostly take place on weekends and usually I'm working on the weekend, how lucky I had the day off! 'Judy's' events take place all over the UK so if you're a sucker for all things vintage like me, you're in for a treat. I picked up a few bits and pieces, a few pieces of jewellery and a beautiful card, but restrained myself as I'm currently trying to slim down so didn't want to buy clothes which might not fit so well in the near future (fingers crossed anyways!)

Laura looking lovely!

Kirsty ya beaut!

Hair being transformed...

Tah Dah!

Of course the only stylish way to protect my curls ;)

It was such a nice change to be able to spend a Sunday, traipsing around the stalls and admiring the many pretty offerings at Vintage Nation, a truly lovely day and was nice picking up a few bits and pieces at the fair, I got my hair done Veronica Lake styley by the incredibly talented ladies of Miss DixieBelle and followed it up with a wee dinner at Prezzo with some of my favourites

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