What do you mean you don't own a kitten print t-shirt?! Abandon Ship Apparel Pop Up Shop.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It seems that every week in Edinburgh and Glasgow at the moment there is something exciting and new happening, what with Bold Souls #OFFTHECATWALK last week to name only one of the many exciting events hitting bonny Scotland at the moment.

I've been admiring the amazing printed t-shirts offered up by cult lifestyle brand Abandon Ship Apparel for a while now, having first heard of the brand after seeing their collaboration with one of my all time favourites DIY Nails had together offering up incredible Abandon Ship prints on decals, I bought the Kitten print decals (which I still haven't used as I was 'saving' them!) Since then I'd  had my eye on the 'Kitten T-shirt' but didn't take the plunge and order it until a couple of weeks ago. When I received my beloved kitten print t-shirt just a day and a half after ordering it, I was not disappointed! For anyone looking for 'streetwear' which is a bit different, I'd hotfoot it to Abandon Ship, definitely one of my newest favourite brands and one I'll definitely be ordering from in the future.

As of this Friday 1st November Abandon Ship Apparel will be undertaking a 3 month residency pop up shop on their home turf located in the ‘Style'Mile’ of' Glasgow. Princes' Square is home to a number of' fantastic brands and Abandon Ship Apparel are looking forwards to setting up shop in this iconic location.Opening on the 1st November and running through to the end of' January 2014 the brand have exciting plans for their three month residency. Customers should expect to see new products launches, shop exclusive designs, special promos and collaboration events.

Photo Credit: Martin D. Barker
Model: Magda (Superior/Premier)
All images used are property of Abandon Ship Apparel.

This Friday Abandon Ship Apparel will be holding a launch party from 5pm to which everyone is welcome celebrating the opening of their #AbandonShop  With exclusive offers, live Dj’s and some exclusive giveaways, it'll be a party not to be missed! Will I be seeing any of you there?!

Facebook: abandonshipapparel
Instagram @abandonshipapparel
Twitter @abandonshipapp

Bold Souls Returns... 24/10/13

Friday, 18 October 2013

There has never been a more exciting time to be living in Scotland and interested in or working in fashion, it seems I'm always chatting to someone or other about how crazy it is that Scottish brands, designers and models are becoming global forces to be reckoned with, it's amazing! Any opportunity I have to be immersed in all things fashiony I'm there with bells on, in some cases quite literally...

This coming Thursday Bold Souls are returning to Glasgow with an showcasing designs from some of Scotland's most talented designers;

 "Bold Souls have been running the most exciting and popular pop up shops in Glasgow for over 3 years, getting bigger and better each time and offering exclusive offers from Scottish designers. Set up by Chouchou's Silvia Pellegrino – Bold Souls continues to go from strength to strength – showcasing Scottish based designers with a focused on moving away from mass production and a more personal relationship between customers and brands."

Bold Souls "Off the Catwalk" will deliver a mix of "Award nominees, cult brands and fresh faces" a chance to see a wide range of upcoming Scottish talent delivered in the usual Bold Souls pop-up format complete with a boutique fashion show too. Designers showing on the night include; Isolated Heroes,Georgia Wiseman, Naromode and Chouchou to name but a few.

"Bold Souls have been creating Glasgow's most popular pop up events, connecting Scottish designers with customers in a unique shopping experience. With a one stop shopping destination, Bold Souls gives the public unprecedented access to their favourite local designers as well as some of the best up and coming fresh faces both on and off the catwalk. With their biggest pop up to date, Bold Souls continue to offer a more personal touch to design, taking a new fresh and exciting look with their latest showcase."

Not an event to be missed, Bold Souls “Off the Catwalk” will be at Hummingbird on the 24th of October, doors 6:30-9:30. Entrance to the penthouse is £10 which includes drink on arrival and goody bag. Show starts at 7:30. Tickets are available at http://boldsouls.bigcartel.com/product/off-the-catwalk.

Pin curls, fur coats and only the finest of cakes and company- Vintage Nation, Edinburgh.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not last weekend but the one before brought a mixture of emotions (all the feels) on the Saturday I finished my last ever shift at Monsoon, finishing up my time their was a exciting but also a bit sad too. The Sunday was a very unusual occurrence as it brought with it a day off (on a weekend! Wonders will never cease.)

On Sunday I headed through to Edinburgh bright and early to meet up with a few of my lovely Scottish blogger pals Laura, Gillian, Kirsty, Terri and Fiona, I felt like I hadn't seen anyone in ages, so it was great to catch up! We spent the day doing a little shopping, having a tasty afternoon tea, getting our hair 'did' and listening to the absolutely hilarious Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer

I've been meaning to make it along to one of the many Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair events since moving back from Australia, sadly they mostly take place on weekends and usually I'm working on the weekend, how lucky I had the day off! 'Judy's' events take place all over the UK so if you're a sucker for all things vintage like me, you're in for a treat. I picked up a few bits and pieces, a few pieces of jewellery and a beautiful card, but restrained myself as I'm currently trying to slim down so didn't want to buy clothes which might not fit so well in the near future (fingers crossed anyways!)

Laura looking lovely!

Kirsty ya beaut!

Hair being transformed...

Tah Dah!

Of course the only stylish way to protect my curls ;)

It was such a nice change to be able to spend a Sunday, traipsing around the stalls and admiring the many pretty offerings at Vintage Nation, a truly lovely day and was nice picking up a few bits and pieces at the fair, I got my hair done Veronica Lake styley by the incredibly talented ladies of Miss DixieBelle and followed it up with a wee dinner at Prezzo with some of my favourites

Rose coloured spectacles... Bleach London Hair.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

 For many people their hair can act like a comfort blanket, trips to the hairdressers, the thought of losing it or even having it a different colour from what they are used to can spark dread and bring on a cold sweat.

In my entire living memory I've been a blonde and I've been comfortable being blonde, the mere thought of having dark hair (on me) makes me a little nervous, in fact the first time I had my eyebrows tinted when I was 13 I cried for hours and scrubbed at them when I got home. It was a shock, I wasn't used to seeing myself with eyebrows, though now I hate the sight of myself without them, clearly even our own tastes change!

I've been wanting to take the plunge and go for candyfloss coloured hair for a while, and have been getting ashier toners every time I've had my hair done (with my little brothers often commenting that my hair looked 'grey' fresh from the hairdressers, not quite getting that, that look was intentional); with my new job, lots of positive things a-happening and a 'rose tinted spectacled' optimism I thought what better time to jump hair first into the pastel hair trend than now.

Bleach London are definitely at the forefront of all funky coloured hair trends, from the dip dye to 'My Little Pony' hair you name it they've probably had a good go at it, so when I heard that Bleach London were launching a range in Boots I knew I had to get my hands on some! I ordered the Bleach kit, White Toner kit, and 'Rose' and 'Parma Violets' coloured dyes from Boots online and picked them up in my local store, couldn't have been easier!

Bleach London White Toner £7
Bleach London Total Bleach £7

Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour'; Parma Violets £5
Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour'; Rose £

Since dying my hair pink I've had so many positive comments and people telling me how much they love it, which has definitely affirmed my love of my powder pink locks as truth be told I was a little nervous about dying it pink. I only redyed my roots and worked it through the ends for the last 5 minutes so the ends of my hair aren't super light, I then put the toner all over my hair which helped to lift some of the brassiness. I find that my hair can be very golden and warm toned blonde naturally, these days I prefer a much cooler look. Following this I smooshed in the pink dye left it one for a while et voila!

The Pink is on...
Dah-dah! Pulling a typical me face, sorry guys!
Also apologies for the rubbishy picture quality
I've haven't taken any proper photos since dying my hair!
I think I'll be keeping up the pink look for a while, well at least until after Halloween, as I'm planning to go as Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents, but will definitely be trying out the Parma Violets shade after that! At £19 all in for the colour I used for my hair, compare with the £70+ I would usually spend at the hairdressers I think I'll be DIY'ing my hair for a while as its much friendlier to my student budget!

Have you ever dipped your toe into the bright and pastel hair trends? Or jumped right in?

All colours and dye used available at selected Boots stores nationwide or online to collect in store like I did ;) 

I'd listen to you over and over...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

  • Fleet Foxes; Fleet Foxes
  • Joni Mitchell; Blue
  • Bastille; 
  • Kings of Leon; Only by the Night
  • Haim; 
  • Quentin Tarantino album
  • Ben Howard;
  • Kate Bush;
  • Laura Marling;
  • Florence and the Machine; Lungs
Honorable mentions; 
Kate Nash-Foundations, Bon Iver- For Emma. Forever Ago, Kings of Leon- Aha Shake Heartbreak, Ed Sheeran- +, The Lumineers- , Destiny's Child- , 

"Don't stop, no, I'll never give up."

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Today's post is a little different this post is an adapted piece I wrote for the magazine I edit, I hope by reading this you'll learn a little more about me and why sometimes I don't post for a while as I'm preoccupied with being a workaholic and balancing all the many things I'm juggling. Today brought the end of an era, so I felt this piece was rather apt; I finished up at Monsoon having worked there for over 2 years and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I've changed the piece up a little to make it relevant to anyone, but I hope you enjoy it, apologies for the lengthiness.

My 'End of an Era' face...

When you’re at school finishing up for the summer holidays brings a mixture of emotions, excitement, relief and happiness, a tinge of sadness, having waved friends on to new schools, college or university. When I left school, I was excited for what was imminently to come, the big move to Australia, just one week after my eighteenth birthday. Moving on your own to the other side of the world is daunting, but for me the scariest part was coming home and facing the reality of leaving school; in Australia I worked 9-5, 5 days a week in a school, I loved my job, but I knew it wasn't something I could do forever.

I had never planned to study at college, till the age of 16 I was dead-set on pursuing a career in medicine, just before I sat my fifth year Highers, I'd realised medicine wasn't for me. My realisation came at the worst time possible, I was left not knowing what to do, I had studied subjects suited to applying for medicine and was now in a tricky situation trying to give myself as many opportunities as possible.

My gap year was a big part of trying to work out what to do with my self after school, I applied for my BA in Media and Communications whilst on my lunch break one day whilst working in a school just outside of Melbourne, I'd applied on a whim, spurred on by Mum who was a little concerned as to what I planned to do when I got home. it felt like I was a world away from Forth Valley College and I had forgotten all about it till I received an email inviting me for an interview, the only problem about it being it was before my flight to come back, I managed to reschedule the interview and felt fairly confident, I could secure a place on the course, I had good grades and experience so hoped it was a sure thing.

As it happened the course had been filled before my rescheduled date rolled around, I arrived back in Scotland, sun tanned, with very little money left and full of optimism that I could get a job and place of the college course, I was then left disappointed and not knowing what to do when I was informed I was on the waiting list, and that hopefully a place would come up. Not the ideal start to moving back to Scotland, thankfully a few weeks into the course the day after my 19th birthday I received a call to let me know there was a place for me on the course, the course I'd basically fallen into by accident had space for me.

Though I would never change studying Media and Communications at Forth Valley College, the way it happened was in no way the way I expected, I fell into the course a little bit by accident, but I’m so glad I did, it has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. Starting a new course, a new year or a new job can be very daunting, it’s not easy and there will be times when things are difficult, but by working hard and looking ahead you can achieve things you probably never believed could or would happen. Whilst studying I've learnt that regardless of how or why you choose to study ultimately how everything pans out and what you do as a consequence is purely up to you. 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year... LUSH CHRISTMAS

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It's a little scary how quickly Christmas creeps around, I'm a self-confessed Christmasaholic, I love all things Christmassy and festive, the parties, the jumpers, the food, shopping, and of course the special Christmas Lush products!

Now that I'm a Christmas 'Lushie' I've been loving getting an early peek of all the amazing products and gifts; shiny brand new ones, old favourites and very excitingly some which have been given a little revamp! Today (Thursday October 3rd!) Lush Stores across the land (that's in the UK) will be holding special VIP Christmas Launch Parties to celebrate and showcase some of the really exciting new products on offer.

You may have seen pictures online of new Christmas products but honestly they are so much more amazing in their 'Lushie' realness; so if you're out and about near by your local Lush or don't have plans tomorrow evening find out when your local Lush is holding their party and try and head along!

I'm so excited for ours, which if you live in or near Stirling you should definitely come along to; Lush Stirling, Thistle Centre, 6-8pm! For any Edinburgh lovelies I know that Lush Princes Street's party is also at 6-8pm. If you can't make it along fear not as the Lush Christmas range will be available in store and online from Friday 4th October, how exciting! I can't wait to hear what you all think of the products and as ever the beaut packaging!

Here's a sneaky peak of something new! and of course and old favourite... I'll be popping up a full look at the range later this week...

"It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn"

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and it's easy to get swept up in it all, get stressed, in my case get sick (yep hello Laryngitis for the umpteenth time in less than a year) and get a  breakout reminiscent of a mountain range on my chin, delightful. But no matter how hectic and crazy life gets it's important (at least I think so) to enjoy life and make sure to make time for things you enjoy, don't beat yourself up about things if your diet slips a little cause you're feeling crappy and have a had a takeaway (or two in my case... whoops) you can always start again on Monday, we won't judge you!

Life lately has been as usual crazy, I'm now back in full swing of my third year of my degree which is pretty hard to fathom, given it feels like only yesterday I moved back from Melbourne! Taking the reigns of Fusion (Forth Valley College student magazine) as Student Editor, and throwing myself into coursework and reading with a vengeance. This year I've decided to really work hard, do all the reading and make sure I finish my BA with the best grade, I can possibly achieve not just the grade I got drifing along; I usually pass things with relative ease, but this year need to pull my socks up and put the effort in!

But anyways back to the whole when life get's crazy make sure you still have fun thang, for the last few months I'd been thinking about leaving my job at Monsoon, I'm the kind of person who likes change and after two years in the one store, with the same company I needed exactly that, a new challenge and to a certain extent a little less responsibility. Being in my final year at college I knew I needed to focus on my studies more, making the decision to leave and find a new job was difficult, I was comfortable at Monsoon, the routines and rules and people, but I did it and have only got one shift left at Monsoon forever.

I've started working as a Christmas Temp at Lush which although many people would think it's crazy to leave somewhere I had a permanent job, I knew working another Christmas at Monsoon wouldn't excite me as much as it had in the past. I didn't want to let the team down but most importantly I didn't want to let myself down knowing I wasn't working to my full potential. (Anyone spotting a reoccuring theme here?)

This year is a pretty big year for me, most likely my last year living at home and my last year at college and I know I need to make every moment count and be worthwhile, hence making changes, jumping at every opportunity to spend time with the people I enjoy spending time with, and sadly not wasting time trying to hold onto people who don't have any time for me.

So far I'm loving and enjoying training at Lush getting ready to sell brand new products and learning. I'm heading up an incredibly motivated and excited team of contributors to Fusion magazine, the biggest team we've ever had in the history of Fusion! And dare I say it, I'm proud I put myself out there and spoke to people sharing with them the benefits of writing and contributing to the magazine and had a great response at a meeting we held, it's exciting and it makes me happy! I'm also loving being back at college and putting everything I've got into my work, as well as representing my class for a second year on the student council as a Senior Class Representative. Life is what you make of it, I'm so happy with what I've achieved in the last year and I want to make sure that all the decisions I continue to make will continue this trend. Basically what I'm trying to say in a round-a-bout way is do what makes you happy is after all it is so very important; whether that means making changes or ensuring to appreciate the things you enjoy, trust me it'll make all the difference.

My aim is to be as happy as this little cutey