"If Carlsberg did Fake Tan"; Vita Liberata

Monday, 30 September 2013

To look at me normally you probably wouldn't realise that put me in a hot sunny country and I tan pretty easily, on a day to day basis I have pretty yellow skin, I'm not super pale, but I'm living in Scotland I'm not tanned either. Fake tan and I have an interesting relationship, back when I was at school I loved being bronzed and golden, St Moritz fake tan was easily one of my best friends, sadly the biscuitty smell was a not so nice feature of my go-to tanning product. After leaving school I moved to Australia and had a year round natural tan, not a bottle of St Moritz in sight, when I moved back from Melbourne, I couldn't really be bothered with fake-tanning so didn't tan for a while.

I guess you could say I fell out of love with fake-tan, though I recently used Lauren Goodger's fake tan which I found pretty good, though sadly I did find it smelt a little biscuitty... Now I've discovered as one of my non-blogging friends put it; "if Carlsberg made fake tan" Vita Liberata.

Earlier this month I headed along to The Scotsman in Edinburgh along with some of my fellow #scottishbloggers to find out more about Vita Liberata the tan which is fast becoming a best-seller both in the UK and across the pond in America.

Founder and CEO of Vita Liberata Alyson Hogg;
"We wanted to create a tanning experience that gives natural looking results and is kind to the skin. When people are using Vita Liberata they are reminded of that holiday feeling, glowing healthy skin, blue skies and sunshine! Those feelings are not interrupted by nasty smells, sticky skin or streaky results."

Having not used fake tan much in recent years, I am a little tanphobic, the fear that I'll be orange in the morning, super streaky or have that awful tell tale stench clinging to my skin, with Vita Liberata I've found I don't have any of these worries. I had my first ever spray tan at the Vita Liberata 'Meet the Brand' event and was pleasantly surprised. I had the spray tan on the Tuesday before my 21st party and was left with a fresh from holiday golden glow (I was tanned using the medium shade) and my tan still looked perfect on the Friday at my party!

Vita Liberata products are perfume, paraben and alcohol-free; and have been raved about in the press. A non-toxic, organic and easy to use tan is rather unusual and I loved learning more about their unique 'moisture lock' system which leaves your skin feeling soft after you've tanned. It also dries super fast (after my spray tan I changed back into my normal clothes with no worries.)
With the lovely Gillian of elevatormusik.com

Love my Scottish Blogger pals, with Lynsey and Kirsty.

With Gillian, Kirsty, Lynsey and Kirstie

I had a great time at the Vita Liberata event, chatting to the Vita Liberata girls, looking at and finding more out about their products and enjoying a few of glasses of Prosecco, and of course spending time with some of my favourites, I'll be popping up individual reviews of some Vita Liberata products in the near future (watch this space!)

Knead away my worries...

Sunday, 29 September 2013

So it appears I managed to fall off the grid again, starting back at college, organising and hosting a 21st, being the editor of a magazine aimed at over 20,000 students and getting a new job, apparently are rather time consuming... I miss blogging though and have managed to squeeze in time to attend a few events and catch up with some of the lovely #scottishbloggers.

Today's post is a bit of a rave post, not rave in terms of dancing rave, but raving about how amazing one little lady is, the week before my birthday which seems an age ago I nipped along to Linlithgow on the train to be prodded, pampered and massaged by the incredibly talented massage therapist Siobhan Coleman. I was treated to the Full Body Swedish Massage and the Dermologica Facial, having only had a massage for an injury before and only having had a couple of mini facials, my massage and facial were the perfect opportunity and experience to completely relax and unwind.

Siobhan is not only a registered member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Association but also has a degree in Sports Science, I'm usually a little nervous about letting someone loose on my back as I've had problems with it, but knowing Siobhan's experience and expertise put me at ease. I felt comfortable letting her work on the many knots in my shoulders and back, reassured that I was in safe hands.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the gentle manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to help relieve muscle spasms and
 improve the body’s circulation, to help with the removal of toxins. Swedish massage can also help to reduce swellings, pain and anxiety, whilst improving sleep and boosting the immune system.

30mins, £20 

90mins, £40 (full body)

Dermalogica Aromatherapy Facial

Facials help to improve circulation, maintain skin elasticity, boost the immune system, aid relaxation, ease headaches and sinusitis while helping to reduce stress and improve sleep. After receiving your own personalised skin care consultation, the facial will begin using Dermalogica products. As the treatment progresses you will receive a complimentary hand or foot treatment to further enhance your treatment experience.

60mins, £30 

Since becoming a qualified massage therapist and throughout her training Siobhan has volunteered giving recovery sports massage at many charity events including The Moonwalk and The Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Whether you are looking for a massage for relaxation or to sort out a 'niggling' pain, Siobhan is definitely a top recommendation of mine, Siobhan is based in Linlithgow but home visits can also be arranged (within reason.) 

My Swedish massage was the perfect balance of pain and relaxation, and I was left feeling relaxed and loosened after my treatment, the facial was gentle enough for my difficult skin and helped keep it looking clean and clear ahead of my 21st birthday, the bonus hand or foot massage mid-facial was a bonus too!

I cannot stress how brilliant massages are for super busy, easily stressed, hyper worriers like me; if you're the kind of person who rarely takes time to breathe let alone unwind, making time for a massage makes all the difference, trust me! I cannot recommend Siobhan enough to those in Central Scotland, I'm not the most confident when it comes to being massaged and having someone touch me (it often scares me!) but Siobhan made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process, her massages are quickly becoming a monthly must for me as much as getting my hair done! 

For more information or bookings click here: Siobhan Coleman Massage Therapy
Follow Siobhan on Twitter: @speedyshev 

Autumn; my favourite of seasons; Debenhams AW Fashion

Monday, 16 September 2013

There is something magical about Autumn, the start of a new school (or uni) year, the weather changing, cosy food, jumpers and for me the chance to experiment and layer what I wear; it's no where near as fun to choose outfits in Summer!

I'm a massive fan of Debenhams, from their homeware to their wide selection of beauty and possibly my favourite of all the Designers at Debenhams collection. I attended the Debenhams AW Press Show in late August and was greeted with a wide spectacle of pretty things for Autumn Winter. I'm trying deperatley not to get carried away buying new things for Autumn Winter but it's very likely I'll be picking up many items from the superb offerings at Debenhams.

Here's a few of my favourites and some official press images from Debenhams, my shaky handed front-row efforts didn't do them justice!

The perfect Christmas party dress, I'm in love! (Jonathon Saunders)

Didn't think I'd find a coat I'd love more than the number of pretty pink
ones about but this Betty Jackson one is an absolute beaut!

I first saw this Preen outfit in early August in Debenhams in Silverburn,
I love the simplicity of it and the understated elegance of the overall look.
I've got my eye on a few pieces in Debenhams this Autumn, have you picked up any beauts lately? What are your favourite upcoming AW trends?

Q Fine Fragrance Review

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Forever being busy I'm always on the lookout for a pretty scent perfect for on the go... I've had a few unfortunate experiences with perfume vials leaking in my bag and I'm not usually much of a fan of traditional body sprays like Impulse so up until now I've been at a bit of a loss, thankfully I was given the chance to try out Q Fine Fragrance Body Spray's which were a pleasant surprise.

Q is said to encapsulate high end perfume in the form of everyday body spray, perfect if you ask me (especially on a student budget like mine!)

Impulse's sophisticated older sister if you like, I've been trying out all three of the scents on offer from Q: Awe, Radiance and Balance. The individual scents which have all been designed to compliment various perfumes (or worn on their own) are perfect for day-to-night and for feeling feminine on the go.

 Awe is a zesty, fresh and sensual scent, which works well with Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Whilst the summery, clean and fresh scent of Radiance compliments Dior J'Adore beautifully and Balance works well with Bvlgari perfumes. I've personally been trying these on their own and have loved wearing the lighter scents during the Summer months. I prefer to wear a lighter scent day to day, for college and work and Q is exactly what I've been looking for.

Personally my favourites are Balance and Radiance I like the subtle yet grown up scents and love popping one of these in my handbag for when I'm out and about, they're so handy and are nothing like a typical body spray! I do find that with Q less is more and tend to apply it from a distance at first after application I sometimes find the initial scent a little strong, but this settles within a few minutes. I am often quite sensitive to aerosols due to my asthma so that it probably part of why at first they can smell quite overpowering for me if I am in a small room.

All 3 Q scents are available at Sainsbury's and Boots nationwide priced £2.29 each. 


*PR samples sent for review