Spend my evening in a bubble you say...? Natura Bisse Bubble

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend an event at Hotel Missoni, which brought the most exclusive beauty treatment to Scotland for the first time ever! It was only the second time the treatment had been offered in the UK, which treatment might this be you ask? well the Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble of course.

"Making its debut at the 2009 Oscar Awards, the Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air has made its way around the globe. 

Hotel Missoni Edinburgh and Natura Bissé  specialists offered the award winning O2 Awakening Facial within the Bubble Pure Air– the first space which allows you to breathe 99.9% of pure filtered air. 

The 60 minute beauty ritual uses a light as air formula to eliminate toxins, balance and repair the skin, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and radiant. By creating an environment that is purified, the effects of products used within the Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble are increased dramatically and the pure air surrounding those undergoing the beauty treatment will offer the ultimate tranquil experience."

The Natura Bissé  bubble in a nutshell is an airtight tent into which 99.9% pure filtered air is pumped into, by having the tent filled with clean air, it means any beauty treatments carried out will be more effective, as there'll be no airborne dirt or germs, clever huh?

I met with a few of my blogger ladies and headed along to Hotel Missoni for an exclusive look and try of the revolutionary treatment, and I must admit at first I was a little taken aback, I mean it was a massive white pod (which reminded me somewhat of a UFO). After a welcome talk on Natura Bisse and  a glass of prosecco, a group of us were taken on a tour of the small yet perfectly formed Hotel Missoni Spa. I loved the interior in particular the funky chairs and lime green locker room!


We then returned to the 'Bubble' room for afternoon tea and some chatting with the Stripe Communications girls whilst waiting our turn for our mini-facials. Having a facial in the bubble felt almost like I was in a cocoon (I sound like an absolute loon!) but it was cosy yet cool, and having asthma I really enjoyed spending 20 minutes or so breathing in the clean air, and my skin looked great the next day. Rafael Nadal is said to sleep in his own Natura Bisse bubble after training sessions and matches, if it's good enough for Nadal? 

Not the best of selfies, but I had to get a picture in the bright green locker room with massive mirrors!

My facial was carried out using the Natura Bissé  oxygen products which were gentle and soothing on my sensitive skin, I'd actually been a little apprehensive that my skin would react but I needn't have worried, my skin felt and looked great after my facial.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Stripe for inviting me and to the fab team at Hotel Missoni; I'd love to spend a night there from the incredible views to the typically Missoni interior it's pretty amazing.

Till next time lovelies,

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