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Monday, 5 August 2013

As you may or may not have noticed my Iona Blogs has undergone a few wee changes, firstly it's appearance: now sporting a fresh blog design thanks to the amazing Gillian of ElevatorMusik my blog design is now looking much prettier, neater and most importantly more me!

The past week has been an interesting and one filled with many decisions, I won't go into it in much detail at present, but it looks like there'll be a fair few changes on the horizon for me, good changes but of course any change can be daunting. Yesterday I had a holiday from work and had arranged to have today off at my internship so I have had the closest thing I've had to a weekend off in forever! It's been pretty great! :)

I worked on Saturday then headed through to Edinburgh to my friend Hannah's 21st/hers and Kate's flat warming, we ended up in the infamous Hive home of cheap drinks and sticky walls, what's not to love ;) Where I met up with two of my favourite blogging ladies Laura and Kirsty we had a wee dance and even a wee trip to the chippy, oh so classy!

Yesterday I was feeling a little delicate you might say, after a few hours sleep, a full face of make up was applied and we headed to Cosmo for a massive munch to 'cure us' needless to say, Cosmo which is a newly opened Pan Asian All-you-can-eat buffet (next to the Omni Centre) certainly did the trick, after a big munch I headed to the train station back to Stirling for my friend Kelly's birthday BBQ I didn't actually eat as I'd had a big lunch but it was lovely to sit in the sunshine listening to ska and drinking prosecco, we even took a wee walk along to the local shows which were on for a go on the waltzers. 

Today I managed to have my first lie-in in months, it was pretty blissful catching up on much needed sleep then spending the day doing well nothing, apart from a little laundry and finally watching Wall E, I enjoyed a much needed lazy day off, back to work tomorrow :)

Looking super sleepy and full at Cosmo...

Can't say I'd ever been to a party with a snake at it

At the shows yesterday, after Kev won the pervy unicorn!

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