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Friday, 30 August 2013

If you're diary looks anything like mine squeezing in time to not only go to hair and beauty appointments but also book them can often seem like a Herculean effort. I mean my schedule is crazy to say the least, and rather embarrassingly I haven't had time to get my hair done (don't even talk to me about my awful roots) since the beginning of June! Luckily I've made time for an appointment on Friday.

Fear not though busy ladies and those in need of a helping hand when booking all your appointment needs, as there's a new kid on the block for all your booking needs; Appointedd.


Appointedd is a brand new salon booking software which launched earlier this month, with a slick and easy to use interface for both salons and customers alike it gets my vote for its simplicity and design, and though I haven't used it to book an appointment yet, I'll definitely be using it in the future to make sure I can squeeze in me-time during my busy weeks.

So you may be wondering what exactly is Appointedd and who is behind it? Well Appointedd is a new site which allows salons using its software to take guaranteed online bookings 24/7 and gives consumers access to reviews and ratings of salons in their area. Visitors to the site will also be able to access the latest deals and offers and browse the latest hair and beauty style inspirations

I attended the launch of Appointedd on the 12th of August along with other beauty bloggers, industry professionals and salon owners, the invite was a great opportunity to meet and network with others but most importantly to gain an invaluable insight into Appointedd from Leah Hutcheon (founder of Appointedd), listen to a great presentation from James Econs of Social for Salons via Skype (the wonders of technology eh) before a Q&A panel from a group of industry experts on the beauty industry.
Founder of Appointedd Leah Hutcheon said, “It has been such an amazing event - I feel really proud of us as a company because we’re now perfectly placed to make a positive impact on the hair and beauty industry, in Scotland and across the UK. We are delighted that so many influential people from the beauty industry were able to join us to celebrate the start of real change. We’re empowering salons and freelancers to connect with consumers to improve the experience for both parties.”

So what do you think of Appointedd? Have you tried anything similar before?

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  1. This sounds like a good idea - I'm terrible for never getting round to booking appointments! xx


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