Birthdays come around so fast...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Would you believe we're half way through August, the weeks are truly flying by and it's less than a month till not only my party but firstly my 21st birthday, when anyone asks me what I'd like for my birthday or christmas I struggle as I don't really need anything. Understandably my family don't like giving me money for significant birthdays as I very rarely end up spending the cash on 'something'.

I'd toyed with the idea of doing a kind of wishlist post with some ideas of things I'd quite like for my birthday/in general, a mix of cheap and then things I know I'll never get as they're rather ridiculous! French Bulldog anyone? ;)

First up is something which doesn't really count as my brothers are getting me it, an Olivia Burton watch; I never wear watches, in fact I own a couple of watches which need their batteries replaced. I fell in love with the Olivia Burton watches which are classic and stunning, I've not actually decided which one to get yet though... Here's one I like though and if you have any ideas from the site of which one to get let me know ASAP please :)

Olivia Burton; Modern Vintage Dot Design Navy and Gold 



I have loved Tatty Devine jewellery for years, I first discovered it back when I was a little obsessed with Lady Luck Rules OK! jewellery, sadly the brand no longer exists, but back then I was consigned to admire Tatty Devine from afar as it was a little out of my teenage budget. I still don't actually own any pieces from Tatty Devine shocking I know, but the piece I've lusted after the longest is of course a personalised name necklace; I love the pastel SS13 palette, especially with the little bird charm in blue, so pretty and perfect for a Twitter addict like me!

Tatty Devine 'Custom Name Necklace'
prices from £27.50


It's no secret that I am a self-confessed stationery addict and Paperchase is simply my stationery mecca, I could spend hours in a Paperchase store, not only do they sell pretty notepads, paper and pens, but adorable teacups and luggage too. I love this pretty scrapbook which would be perfect for making into a scrapbook of 2013/21st memories, this year has been action-packed, eventful and unforgettable, I wouldn't change it for the world and I want to remember it as it has happened simple as that

Paperchase; ZigZag Floral Scrapbook

Though the last thing I need is more jewellery, I love Bumble Bees if you hadn't guessed ;) bees are hardworking, like I aim to be, and they are so important, I'm not going to go onto a bee spiel but yeah I love this necklace from Ginger Pickle by Eclectic Eccentricity it's so sweet and is on a gold plated chain.

Eclectic Eccentricity; Bumbling Along Bee and Amber Necklace

Simply these shoes are adorable and I love them, I'm thinking I might buy them for heading back to college actually as they are just so sweet, I keep seeing girls wearing them and fawn over them even more!
Topshop; Martie T Bar Geek Shoes

Anyone noticing a theme emerging? I got a sample of this in my local Debenhams and have kept it in my handbag, I love the delicate sweetness of this and the subtle honey scent, plus the bottle is so cute!

Marc Jacobs- Honey 100ml EDP
The Perfume Shop


And last but not least the most ridiculous but something I'd pretty much love more than anything; a French Bulldog puppy, yeah I know it's not going to happen, but a girl can dream. I love their little faces, I'm forever fawning over Tammy of DIY Nails' Betty pics on Instagram, she's such a wee cutey! Similarly I also love the French Bulldog jammies in Primark which are amazing, no internet pictures though sadly...

this little guy is far too cute!

So if you could recieve anything as a gift what would it be?! As ridiculous as you like? I've just finished DIY glittering a pair of shoes for my birthday party, only 3 weeks to go! I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, till next time lovelies.

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