"Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong."

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Today has been a resting day, a day of recuperating and gathering up energy, this summer is proving to be 'hella' busy to say the least, I've always joked I'm a professional juggler and these last few weeks I've been proving it more than ever.

Last month I got my dream internship, working one day a week at a PR company in Edinburgh, yes it's a long commute and an early start but opportunities like it don't come up often so when I saw the job advertised I knew if I could get it, I had to grab the opportunity with both hands!

I've been working at my internship for almost 2 months now and I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm currently working there 3 days a week, gaining even more invaluable industry experience. Typically though all the work comes at once, I'm still working in retail which I do still enjoy, I'm just a little bit tired I guess...

Today is my first day off in ten days, so I apologise if my blog has been a little neglected. Over the last 10 days I've worked 72 hours (I had one short day otherwise it would've been 80!) between my two jobs, I'm also busy working on the next issue for my college magazine Fusion, of which I am now the Student Editor, never one to do things by halves eh?! But the good news is, I'm starting to get days off a little more now, 1 day this week and 3 days next week! I won't know what to do with myself hah...

Today was rather lovely though, despite being sad I worked through every day of beautiful sunshine and having a day off when it has bucketed down, I've had time to chill out, watch Monsters Inc (the original), eat pizza, make home made milkshakes and proofread the articles ready for our August issue of Fusion. And time to nip into Lush for a mini The Spell treatment, my poor wee feet were in tatters from working so many shifts standing up all day!

The last few weeks have been tough, working loads and seeing so many updates online about people enjoying the sunshine can be really hard, when you feel like you're working constantly, but I know in the end it will all be worth it. I love each and every day at my internship, I feel like I have learnt so much in the short time I've been working there so I know already that my efforts will pay dividends in my future, at least I hope so.

So if you're having a tough time, keep going, you can do it!!

"Keep your head up, keep your heart strong." -- Ben Howard.

Squeezed in a wee visit to the beach after work,
I work only 5 minutes away from Portobello beach and it's really lovely.
Till next time lovelies,

P.S Get excited I have a new blog design which I'll be launching in the next month or so, very exciting!

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