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Friday, 21 June 2013

Well hello there,

Though strictly it's only Friday for another half hour this post is just a quick one, to say how excited I am about heading away next week... A holiday, I can't wait; we're only headed to CentreParcs alas, I'm looking forward to a week of no work, no college and just generally being lazy! I'm packing plenty of books, magazines, my swimming costume and trainers and I can't wait to read, swim and go for nice long walks; the little things in life really are the best.

On the other hand a pretty amazing thing (that will be featured in a post very soon) and something that when I say it out loud sounds a little unbelievable;

Drinking champers on a roof terrace in Edinburgh watching the sun set, it was beautiful and I had some of the loveliest company, so surreal but what a Thursday night. Today was mostly spent getting laundry done before going away on Monday and lazing about in my newest onesie (you may have seen it on my instagram) all in all a good wee Friday off.

Anyways I best be off and hope you all had a fantastic Friday :)
Till next time,

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