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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Well hello there lovelies,

Sadly despite my promises (sadly broken) to be back into the swing of blogging after finishing my exams, it's not quite happened yet... What with still living in a room of boxes, working lots of overtime, birthday parties, blogger events and most excitingly starting a second job interning at a PR consultancy, life has been eventful. I wouldn't change it for the world though, I'm so happy with how things are going at the moment, even if I am a little tired.

So here's a little OOTD post to help me get back into the swing of things :) I wore this outfit to Joanne McGillivary's 'Russian Revolution' fashion show, a post about which will be posted very soon, a very exciting Autumn Winter collection.

Last Thursday when I attended the show was one of the nicest days, last week Scotland experienced some beautiful summer weather, sadly I was working a lot of the week, but I enjoyed the sunshine in Glasgow before the show with my friend Ami. I braved bare legs for the event and finished off my outfit with a flower crown, not quite sure how ready for flower crowns the people of Stirling are as I received many funny looks on my way to the train station...

Freshly coloured hair by my lovely hairdresser
Nicola at Frances Hunter, Stirling,
 it's a lot ashier which I'm loving.

Flower Crown, Primark £3
Top, H&M (really old)
Skirt, H&M old too- pretty sure Primark have similar ones though!
Bag, Primark £6
Shoes, Primark £12
Bracelets, Accessorize
(Just realised how much of my outfit was from Primark... doh)

Ami enjoying a cosmo at 29.

Perfect refreshment on a summer's day, a cheeky Mojito.
Yo Sushi dinner before we squeezed in two events, Joanne's show and
The Keep Calm and Go Shopping event at Hummingbird, a busy evening!
Anyways I best be off to get ready for a wee afternoon shift working at Accessorize, I hope it's sunnier where you are as Stirling is rather cloudy today, sigh...

Till next time lovelies,

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