Tuesday's Talons by Marge :)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Well hello there,

It's been a while blogosphere and for that I am truly sorry, to be quite honest as I said in my last brief post things lately have been rather hectic! I'll be filling you all in properly on it all in posts to come over the next few weeks but for now a much needed nail art post!

My lovely friend Marge who is simply fabulous and works at Pinky's (in Stirling) did these lovely Cath Kidston inspired nails for me yesterday. I'm so happy to finally have my pretty nails back as my nail art has been a little neglected over the past few weeks...

Polishes Models Own and Revlon.

I love the subtle pastle colours Marge used, they are so pretty! :)

This week is the first week of my summer freedom from college, and a fairly busy one too, working, a work night and a time travel themed Birthday night out, in comparison to the last few weeks fairly quiet one though. My main aims for this week though is to get back into blogging, finish unpacking my room and very exciting get my invitations sorted for my Birthday party!

My next post is a rather exciting one as I attended the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards on Sunday, watch this space lovelies.

Till next time,

P.S the lovely Marge of Pinky's is on twitter @marge_at_pinkys and is also on instagram @breakhearts_not_nails (as am I @ionabb)


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