5 Reasons I love Lush; a guest post from my little brother.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Well hi there my name is Finlay and I am Iona's ten year old little brother, Iona is letting me guest post to improve my writing and tell you all why I love Lush so much! My mum, sister, brother and dad all love Lush too, today I will show you my top five favourite Lush things.

This is me riding my scooter.

1. Rocketeer- this is my number 1 because it zooms round the bath.

*Sadly this bath ballistic is not available at the moment*

2. Ickle Baby Bot- this is a great bath ballistic because it was the first bath bomb I tried and I love the baby blue colour that it turns my bath water.

£1.90 each
3. Bubblegum lip scrub- I like this because of the flavour and the way it leaves my lips soft.

£5.25 25g
4.Dragons Egg- is a fun bath ballistic because not only does it leaves the bath water like a rainbow, it releases popping candy and a cool stream of confetti and it smells nice too!

£3.20 each
5. Catastrophe cosmetic (Fresh face mask) - I love this face mask because it leaves my skin super smooth and helps stop me getting spots. (Sometimes my family uses this face mask on nights in.)

£5.95 75g
I hope you have enjoyed reading my first guest post on my big sisters blog, hopefully she'll let me post again soon.

Over and out,