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Thursday, 4 April 2013

There's no two ways about it I am a through-and-through shoe-aholic, I love shoes! And they are definitely a weakness of mine, sadly as I'm getting older I'm finding I can last less long in my skyscraper heels, sigh...

I tower above many of my friends in heels too, so I've recently found myself turning towards flats and flatforms for nights-out so as not to be quite so tall. However Barratts (who very kindly sent me out these to review) may have solved my problems, with a pair of wedge trainers which are not only super comfy but don't make me tower above my friends.

Shoes £35 Barratts*
Whoops must remember not to go pigeon toed... 
 Burgundy was my go-to colour of Autumn/Winter 2012 and I'll always have a real fondness for it so when I saw these Truffle wedge trainers on the Barratts website I knew we had to united, needless to say the comfort and prettiness of these has won me over, I love them; they're light, have pretty stud detailing and are burgundy. Comfort is key for me and shoes as I'm on my feet all the time, the first time I wore these I wore them for 10 hours without any pain, I'd nipped out to get my nails done early in the afternoon and ending up staying out for drinks and dinner, the perfect day to night shoe.

Today I paired them with the newest addition to my wardrobe a pair of jeans! Surprisingly to many I recently discovered I didn't actually own a pair of jeans, a denim jacket and shirt but no jeans, this has been rectified, these ones are actually from good ol' M&S and are joyously long enough for me! Combined with an old Primark burgundy blouse (you can only see the black collar) and a baggy cream jumper also from Primark, a vintage brooch and Accessorize bracelet.

Excuse the crabbit face...
I'm going to go with the whole the sun was in my eyes...
P.S I hate posing for pictures! :/

Thanks to my little brother for kindly taking my pictures, at only 10 there's plenty of time to train him up ;)

At only £35 (link)I truly think these wedges are a bargain as I'll definitely be getting plenty of use out of them! They come in black too (link) Luckily today was the perfect day to wear them, for a wee jaunt into town to get my nails done. The sun has finally decided to show its face, and Spring appears to finally be on the horizon!

Barratts have a great range of High-tops (link) in many styles; from wedge trainers to flatforms there's something for everyone and I'll definitely be sure to check out Barratts again soon next time I'm looking to add to my ever growing shoe collection...
Anyways bed time for me before the Zen #scottishbloggers event tomorrow night in Edinburgh, tres exciting!

Till next time lovelies,

*Shoes c/o Barratts PR.


  1. Gorgeous! Really close to chatting myself into a pair of these :L excited to see you tomorrow lovely!!

    1. They're so comfy! And was lovely to see you as always on Thursday :) x

  2. Oooh, I like these! Love how you've styled them too. I don't own any jeans either but am perfectly content to hide myself in pretty dresses for the foreseeable future! You look lovely xx

    1. Pretty dresses yay! Most of my wardrobe is consistent of dresses with the odd pair of skintight black trousers thrown in for good measure. Thanks lovely rather glad I bought them xx


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