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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pastels are a key trend this Spring and what better way to tap into this trend than with some pretty pastel nail art! This weeks nails are again by the gorgeous Kelly at Pinky's in Stirling and are acrylics in the 'of the now' dagger shape, though my talons have taken a little getting used to I love them so much and have received so many compliments on them in just two days.

Polkadot nails are an easy to recreate nail art trend at home; either using a dotting tool (I buy mine from EBay) or a bent out of shape kirby grip, simple. 

I also love that my nails incorporate another of my favourites glitter! My ring finger has a glitter gradient and bow, pretty and girly; possibly my favourite nail ;)

Though my nails are acrylic and were done at Pinky's in Stirling (follow Pinky's on twitter @PinkysStirling) you can easily interpret pastel nail art trends at home too. Now that the weather is finally deciding to brighten up a little these nails have been the perfect partner, willing on sunshine, summer dresses and pink drinks in Pub beer gardens; I'm a classy gal ;). Bring on Summer! 

This week I've been listening to The 1975: Chocolate on repeat, it's such a catchy and summery song, my soundtrack to Summer even if it hasn't arrived yet, have a wee listen you know you want to...

Till next time lovelies,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely, Kelly at Pinky's in Stirling is so talented! xx

  2. Love this !! hunny great post hunny

  3. Yay Pinkys! Got mind redone, tried out a matte black with white polka dots, loving it!
    Gonna try wee dagger ones for my Race For Life, bright pink with the logo and that on them, not till June though so I'll need to think of another couple ideas before then! xx

    1. Ooft your new nails sound gorge, saw the pic and they are amaze! Wee mini daggers exciting and good luck with Race for Life lovey! xx

  4. Oooo wow these look amazing! LOVE the shape! x

    1. Took a little getting used to but love them so much :D x

  5. Oh my god these are unbelievable, love them!
    Megan xxx


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