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Friday, 19 April 2013

It's always nicer when it's sunny, I was glad today that the incessant rain we've been experiencing this week in Scotland had decided to quite simply 'dae one' and the sunshine showed its face. This week signalled the end of my Easter holidays and back to getting ready for second year exams, sigh, alas it must be done. I've also been powering on with a new health-kick, I try as much as possible to avoid the word diet, but inevitably that's what it is. Lots of fruit and veggies, protein and only complex carbohydrates, in fact I've only had one slice of bread all week! Tonight I impressed myself by refusing a family chippy and instead making myself a healthy dinner (I did treat myself with a peach and apricot Rekorderlig though.)

I thought I'd do a wee Instagram post as I haven't done one in months, so here's some pictures from the last few weeks; I apologise for being rather quiet on the ol' blog recently but what with coming towards exams and coursework deadlines time is a little tight at the moment... Fun times.

Warning there's lots of pictures ahead... (oldest first)

Finishing off the last of my Easter chocolate...
My youngest brother treated me to a Karl Lagerpug tote, such a cool kid.

Enjoying my holidays with tea and cake with friends.
Sporting dungarees long before the 2013 comeback!

A much needed 'morning after' fried egg sandwich and massive cup of tea.
Bleach-ing time
Reaping the benefits of my Waitrose card; free coffee!
Dirty Dozen; Dad brought home Krispy Kreme!

Bargains from the new TK Maxx
£10 free voucher! :D

Amazing neon nails from Pinky's Stirling!
Bring on Summer.

Classy as always; Elderflower and lime Kopparberg in my sippy cup ;)
Another 21st! Pick 'n' Mix at Ashley's 21st!
Ashley's 21st :D

Last treat days, a cheeky Greggs doughnut and a mango and raspberry Rekorderlig pizza feast! 

3 months free National Art Pass :) excited to visit all the galleries and museums!
First healthy meal of the week,

Screenshotting; My Sassy Girl for my college project.
Eating meals in reverse, breakfast for lunch :)
Accessorize neon statement necklace, loving some cheeky bling.
Big healthy food shop :)

Trying out a new type of coconut water and a bargain at Waitrose.
Revising in my PR class.

Loving this month's GlossyBox
The new scenic route on my bus journey is rather pretty early in the morning :)
Knocking down a family take-away in favour of a healthy dinner :)
Making smoothies for lunch.

So there we have it hunners' eh' pictures... This weekend I'll mostly be working and heading out on Saturday for another 21st, I've already made my lunches and breakfasts for the weekend so I'm all prepped for a busy one. I hope you all have the loveliest of weekends and here's hoping the sunshine continues. 

In other news today I bought tickets to see Kings of Leon in August, I'm unbelievably excited as I've never managed to see them live! My 16 year old self is rejoicing and I literally can't wait, I missed seeing them when I lived in Melbs as I was working on a school camp in the wilderness, roll on August. So I'll leave you with a Kings of Leon classic ;)

Till next time lovelies,

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