Bargain Hunting... haul post.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Like many people, I love a good bargain, a rake around the charity shops and a rummage at vintage sales and I'm in my element. Last week I spent Tuesday doing both of these things; Afternoon Twee is a vintage fair which is held at Stirling Uni, generally once a month, I've been meaning to go for the last year, but usually can't due to college or work. Last week was the final week of my Easter break and so was the perfect excuse to finally go, there weren't as many stalls as I'd hoped there would be but it was good to have a wee look and make a few purchases.

I then headed back into Stirling were I wandered around our many charity shops picking up a few bargains, before coffee and cake with two of my lovely friends then a trip to the hairdressers. Topped off with a cheeky wee cheap Tuesday night out (I am a student after all) all in all last Tuesday was pretty perf' tomorrow in comparison, doesn't quite hold the same potential... Back to college, which isn't so bad but there are many things I'd rather be doing... I've just finished writing up a poster presentation comparing a Korean film to it's American remake (My Sassy Girl) if you're wondering and discussing the reasoning behind Hollywood remakes of films, etc. Pretty interesting as far as essays go :) so fairly cushty, but anyways here's a wee peek at my purchases from Tuesday.


Scarf £2 (Afternoon Twee- Vintage Stall)

Necklace 50p (Afternoon Twee-stall)

Necklace 50p (same stall as above)

Detailing on blouse; £1.99 Red Cross Charity Shop, Stirling.

Dorothy Pendant £4 (I also bought an I 'HEART' GIN one for my Mum)
the stall was called Bunny's Beads here's a link to their facebook page.

I also bought a forest green 100% wool coat from the Age Concern charity shop in Stirling for only £6, it most likely belonged to a wee old lady but I love it! I haven't got a picture yet but shall feature it in an OOTD post if it's cold again... fingers crossed you won't be seeing it till at least October, that's unlikely though. I bought a plain black pencil skirt from Primark too (top right corner of first picture) which was £5. Pretty bargainous day and I only spent £14 on my night out too! 

I'm now off to print off and cut out screen shots from the two versions of My Sassy Girl ready to hand in my presentation tomorrow and to do my final proofread of my essay, then make my packed lunch ready for tomorrow, such a glamorous life ;) hope you've all enjoyed Monday!

Till next time lovelies,