"You sound like you're from Landan!"

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

For those of you who didn't get the Forgetting Sarah Marshall reference shame on you! Go watch it now :P those of you who did, high five!! I spent last week in London, East London mostly, which I wasn't as familiar with but I really liked it there, especially as usually the furthest east I go is Shoreditch. The reason for my trip was not just to skive off college for a week ;) but actually was so I could help my friend Ami film her graduate fashion film, very exciting!

Probably easiest to show you in pictures eh?

*This post is a little PICTURE HEAVY*

Tuesday; the morning when nothing went quite to plan but it all worked out in the end. Shooting a Spring/Summer collection in March shouldn't be a problem, however Mother Nature decided to be a bit of b*tch and dealt us rather cruel weather, glistening sunshine but -2degrees! Luckily our amazing model persevered; definitely helped along with the hot water bottle concealed in the handbag, she was toting.Tuesday was a day based mainly around Colombia Road an area I'm not really familiar with but definitely keen to go back to, it was gorgeous.

After we finished shooting for the day (after the film has been edited and finished I'll hopefully be able to share it here on my blog!) I met a close friend from home for dinner and a well deserved catch up; I'll always be envious of Chris living the life in London!

Wouldn't be complaining if I called one of these home...
It's so lovely around Colombia Road.

A sneak peak of Ami's collection;
This print is stunning, digital print on silk crepe, beaut!

Heading to one of my favourite places; Brick Lane :)

Colombia Road has some of the sweetest shops, literally ;)

A bird's eye view: up a scary elevator to Sushi Samba
for some of the best views over London.

It's always nice to make time to catch up with friends when travelling. Chris decided we were
going to Sushi Samba,sadly we discovered the menu was a little out of a student budget :P
we headed to Giraffe instead, where it was 'Happy Hour' ergo half price cocktails!!
Wednesday: our final day of Filming and thankfully a little warmer, we headed down to Greenwich, took a trip on the Emirates Airline and a cheeky trip to Nando's, before heading back to our hotel for a few hours downtime. At 10 to 6 we spontaneously decided to go see Wicked, the next ten minutes were frantic as we hurriedly got ready and ran out of the hotel for a bus in record time. 

Bearing in mind, we were staying in Stratford, East London, we then had to make it to Covent Garden firstly to pick up the tickets, then to the Victoria Apollo for our show at 7.30, it was a real push, especially as Covent Garden tube station was out of service, but we made it and sat down in our seats literally seconds before the flying monkeys flew on stage! I even conquered my fear of running up and down escalators,there was literally no other option. 

Wicked was amazing, we were starving afterwards though having not eaten dinner and ran frantically through Central London to make it to the theatre, we headed to Chinatown afterwards for a massive feast then practically rolled ourselves to the night-bus and back to our cosy hotel room. 

The Emirates AirLine

 Thursday: Hometime :( I always feel that my trips to London pass by far too quickly, luckily I have a rail voucher I need to use up fairly soon so shall be justifying another trip in the near future! After a quick dash around Westfield Stratford (gah, I miss that place so much better than the Thistle/Marches!) with a visit to Bubbleology to satisfy my bubble tea cravings, we headed to the train station and back to Scotland. No sooner had I arrived in Edinburgh, I was boarding a train to Glasgow still lugging my suitcase on my way to the Style@Merchant Square event (I'll be posting about it soon, promise!) I didn't get home will 12am, ready for my bed after an action packed week!

Love me some BubbleTea! Tried out the Lychee one this time, yum!
Selfie in the Emirates Air Line cabin ;)
And now I'm home, back to work, college; the daily grind, it's been a busy ol' week, it's nearly Easter holidays so I have lots of deadlines, hence why my wee blog has been rather neglected as of late. Anyways I best be off, I thought I'd quickly squeeze in a wee (rather large) post about my trip, I love going and exploring, finding new places I've never been before and satisfying my wanderlust. 

Till next time lovelies,



  1. LOVE the hot water bottle in a handbag idea! And the sneak peek of your friends collection looks incredible!

    I love Wicked, so jealous <3

    1. A must in freezing cold weather :P I'll be sure to send you a link once the whole collection is up :) Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday lovely xx

  2. I loved scrolling through all these photos. Brick Lane looks awesome! And just your luck that Covent Garden Tube station was out of service, what a pain. Sounds like you had a good time though :)
    Kerry | Kerralina x
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway if you wanted to take a peek!

    1. I love Brick Lane and that area in general! I've actually already entered lovely :) Iona xx

  3. I love BL great area!
    I have been really enjoying reading your blog huni!
    new follower sweetie

    1. Aw thanks, heading over to check out your blog now :) BL area is my favourite, always so much happening and to see :D xx


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