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Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's official I'm in love with a collection of inanimate objects, awkward .. in love with Next Home that is. On Tuesday evening I headed along to the Straiton Mearns Next store, (near Ikea just outside Edinburgh) for a preview of the amazing new Next Home range, if you've read any of my past posts on Home wares you'll know I very easily become besotted with pretty things for the house, bedding, kitchenware, cushions; they are a weakness of mine. sadly I currently reside in a tiny bedroom at home whilst I'm studying my degree, despite this my room is filled to the brim with things I love! From my dressing table which I (with the help of my brother) restored, to my cushions and pictures, though small my bedroom is my little haven: and is filled with a collection of things for when I move out!

One massive plus for me in regards to the Next Home store was the 'zoning' of style and looks together a bit like some clothes shops (Forever 21 and Monsoon both do this) the different sections make up 'trend stories' I love this idea, it's much easier and pleasant to shop in a store like this (at least for me it is.)

And on the pretty things side Next more than delivered, I love bumblebees and there were so many things at Next with bees on, I was in heaven! I can't thank Next enough for such a lovely evening, not only shopping the new collection (Next kindly gifted us a £50 gift card each; my purchases will be featuring in a post very soon!) but we were also treated to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of the first ever Next Home advert afterwards at Hotel du Vin, along with Prosecco (love me some mid-week bubbles) and mini burgers, croque monsieur and profiteroles, yum! As part of my course is advertising so this was really exciting, the advert is so cleverly done and I think shows the range really well.

Now onto the pretty things ;)

I love this bedding so much!

Too early to start putting things away for when I move out in two years?

Even the colanders are pretty!

Spoiler... I may have bought these ;) 

More bumblebees :)

For the tea lover in your life ;)
I only captured a fraction of the home wares on offer at Next Home, they honestly have everything! And I found out there are even Next Home Superstores!! Which offer everything from bedding to paint, to garden stuff, sadly there are only a few at the moment but I'm hoping we'll get one in Scotland soon. 

A massive massive thank you to the lovely team at Next for such a great event and your generosity  if you're on the lookout for some new bits and pieces for your home I urge you to check out Next; my Mum is already planning a trip to our nearest store having nicked my brochure for a wee look. I didn't realise Next offered such a wide range at great prices and styles for so many tastes, perfect no? Here's a wee link to the website if you fancy a wee gander link.

Till next time lovelies,


  1. i love next for homeware, you can also find great things in Matalan and B&M's for cheaper alternatives x

    1. I do love B&M for candles and photoframes, as well as upcycling bits I've picked up in charity shops... Personally I think the best way is finding the right mix for yourself :) xx

  2. Love it :)

    Such a great day!

    Jonathan x


    1. It was a lovely day and so great to meet you!
      Iona xx


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