Wanting 'all' the things! Next Home...

Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's official I'm in love with a collection of inanimate objects, awkward .. in love with Next Home that is. On Tuesday evening I headed along to the Straiton Mearns Next store, (near Ikea just outside Edinburgh) for a preview of the amazing new Next Home range, if you've read any of my past posts on Home wares you'll know I very easily become besotted with pretty things for the house, bedding, kitchenware, cushions; they are a weakness of mine. sadly I currently reside in a tiny bedroom at home whilst I'm studying my degree, despite this my room is filled to the brim with things I love! From my dressing table which I (with the help of my brother) restored, to my cushions and pictures, though small my bedroom is my little haven: and is filled with a collection of things for when I move out!

One massive plus for me in regards to the Next Home store was the 'zoning' of style and looks together a bit like some clothes shops (Forever 21 and Monsoon both do this) the different sections make up 'trend stories' I love this idea, it's much easier and pleasant to shop in a store like this (at least for me it is.)

And on the pretty things side Next more than delivered, I love bumblebees and there were so many things at Next with bees on, I was in heaven! I can't thank Next enough for such a lovely evening, not only shopping the new collection (Next kindly gifted us a £50 gift card each; my purchases will be featuring in a post very soon!) but we were also treated to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of the first ever Next Home advert afterwards at Hotel du Vin, along with Prosecco (love me some mid-week bubbles) and mini burgers, croque monsieur and profiteroles, yum! As part of my course is advertising so this was really exciting, the advert is so cleverly done and I think shows the range really well.

Now onto the pretty things ;)

I love this bedding so much!

Too early to start putting things away for when I move out in two years?

Even the colanders are pretty!

Spoiler... I may have bought these ;) 

More bumblebees :)

For the tea lover in your life ;)
I only captured a fraction of the home wares on offer at Next Home, they honestly have everything! And I found out there are even Next Home Superstores!! Which offer everything from bedding to paint, to garden stuff, sadly there are only a few at the moment but I'm hoping we'll get one in Scotland soon. 

A massive massive thank you to the lovely team at Next for such a great event and your generosity  if you're on the lookout for some new bits and pieces for your home I urge you to check out Next; my Mum is already planning a trip to our nearest store having nicked my brochure for a wee look. I didn't realise Next offered such a wide range at great prices and styles for so many tastes, perfect no? Here's a wee link to the website if you fancy a wee gander link.

Till next time lovelies,

Nailing It!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's no secret that I love nail art, having pretty nails with eye-catching designs quite simply makes me happy, I often do my own nails but I am lucky enough to live near Pinky's; easily the coolest nail bar in Scotland. Pinky's has just moved into a bigger new premises (still in The Stirling Arcade) and is rocking a retro feel with an amazing team working there to boot.

Yesterday I popped into Pinky's for a wee file and polish and let Kelly the owner of Pinky's work her magic on my nails. Inspired by the retro feel surroundings, my nails are a one of a kind and have cheered me up on this miserable day. I can always count on Pinky's to give me a unique, amazing look.

I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing weekend sheltering away from the snow and freezing cold temperatures, it's quite simply miserable out there. Tonight's a quiet one for me, I just finished watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was brilliant! A quiet one was in order given the busy week I have ahead.

Lastly I'll leave you with a wee picture of my adorable bunny wabbit Kili, a weekend cuteness fix!

Till next time lovelies,

Bunny wabbit cuddles for everyone!!

Style @ Merchant Square

Friday, 22 March 2013

If you read my last post you'll know that last Thursday was one of the longest days ever for me; I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a juggler and I went straight from the train station to the Style @ Merchant Square fashion show (in association with House of Fraser, who provided the gorgeous clothes and accessories) a quick change at the Queen Street Station and I was good to go ;)

The event was not only a perfect opportunity to see some of this seasons trends modelled on the catwalk, with pieces from Biba, Mary, Pied a Terre, McQ and Joseph, all for a really important cause. The event was a fundraiser for The Prince and Princess of Wales' Hospice,  and though I don't know the exact sum raised from the evening, I'm sure it was a great success if the event was anything to go by! 

One of my favourites from the show, the pattern is so fresh and pretty!

This was my favourite; it harks of the Roaring Twenties and Great Gatsby, it's a beaut!

Sadly not the best picture but this dress was stunning!
 Thanks to the lovely Elise and Toni at DADA PR for inviting me to along to the show, and as always it was great to see and catch up with my fellow Scottish bloggers!

For now I'm off to get my PR Project finished and change out of my bunny rabbit onesie (stylish), my excuse being that today is my version of the weekend :P have a lovely Friday everyone!

Till next time lovelies,

"You sound like you're from Landan!"

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

For those of you who didn't get the Forgetting Sarah Marshall reference shame on you! Go watch it now :P those of you who did, high five!! I spent last week in London, East London mostly, which I wasn't as familiar with but I really liked it there, especially as usually the furthest east I go is Shoreditch. The reason for my trip was not just to skive off college for a week ;) but actually was so I could help my friend Ami film her graduate fashion film, very exciting!

Probably easiest to show you in pictures eh?

*This post is a little PICTURE HEAVY*

Tuesday; the morning when nothing went quite to plan but it all worked out in the end. Shooting a Spring/Summer collection in March shouldn't be a problem, however Mother Nature decided to be a bit of b*tch and dealt us rather cruel weather, glistening sunshine but -2degrees! Luckily our amazing model persevered; definitely helped along with the hot water bottle concealed in the handbag, she was toting.Tuesday was a day based mainly around Colombia Road an area I'm not really familiar with but definitely keen to go back to, it was gorgeous.

After we finished shooting for the day (after the film has been edited and finished I'll hopefully be able to share it here on my blog!) I met a close friend from home for dinner and a well deserved catch up; I'll always be envious of Chris living the life in London!

Wouldn't be complaining if I called one of these home...
It's so lovely around Colombia Road.

A sneak peak of Ami's collection;
This print is stunning, digital print on silk crepe, beaut!

Heading to one of my favourite places; Brick Lane :)

Colombia Road has some of the sweetest shops, literally ;)

A bird's eye view: up a scary elevator to Sushi Samba
for some of the best views over London.

It's always nice to make time to catch up with friends when travelling. Chris decided we were
going to Sushi Samba,sadly we discovered the menu was a little out of a student budget :P
we headed to Giraffe instead, where it was 'Happy Hour' ergo half price cocktails!!
Wednesday: our final day of Filming and thankfully a little warmer, we headed down to Greenwich, took a trip on the Emirates Airline and a cheeky trip to Nando's, before heading back to our hotel for a few hours downtime. At 10 to 6 we spontaneously decided to go see Wicked, the next ten minutes were frantic as we hurriedly got ready and ran out of the hotel for a bus in record time. 

Bearing in mind, we were staying in Stratford, East London, we then had to make it to Covent Garden firstly to pick up the tickets, then to the Victoria Apollo for our show at 7.30, it was a real push, especially as Covent Garden tube station was out of service, but we made it and sat down in our seats literally seconds before the flying monkeys flew on stage! I even conquered my fear of running up and down escalators,there was literally no other option. 

Wicked was amazing, we were starving afterwards though having not eaten dinner and ran frantically through Central London to make it to the theatre, we headed to Chinatown afterwards for a massive feast then practically rolled ourselves to the night-bus and back to our cosy hotel room. 

The Emirates AirLine

 Thursday: Hometime :( I always feel that my trips to London pass by far too quickly, luckily I have a rail voucher I need to use up fairly soon so shall be justifying another trip in the near future! After a quick dash around Westfield Stratford (gah, I miss that place so much better than the Thistle/Marches!) with a visit to Bubbleology to satisfy my bubble tea cravings, we headed to the train station and back to Scotland. No sooner had I arrived in Edinburgh, I was boarding a train to Glasgow still lugging my suitcase on my way to the Style@Merchant Square event (I'll be posting about it soon, promise!) I didn't get home will 12am, ready for my bed after an action packed week!

Love me some BubbleTea! Tried out the Lychee one this time, yum!
Selfie in the Emirates Air Line cabin ;)
And now I'm home, back to work, college; the daily grind, it's been a busy ol' week, it's nearly Easter holidays so I have lots of deadlines, hence why my wee blog has been rather neglected as of late. Anyways I best be off, I thought I'd quickly squeeze in a wee (rather large) post about my trip, I love going and exploring, finding new places I've never been before and satisfying my wanderlust. 

Till next time lovelies,


Missing in Action...

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Can you believe this week is basically over already? I can't this week has been crazy to the least but I love the craziness so it's been equally brilliant. I was in London from Monday till Thursday and was at the 'Style @ Merchant Square' fashion show on Thursday night too. Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet catching up on sleep, college work, laundry and blogging day... famous last words. I ended up having lunch and a catch up with Sam, fully intended to stay in and be good at night, intended of course. Instead I went out for a few glasses of wine with the Pinky's girls then headed home and watched Comic Relief. No rest for the wicked after all, today and tomorrow of course bring full days working, so it looks like Monday shall be a full on 'catch up with everything' day! I'll be doing a full London post in the next couple of days complete with a few spoiler pics from the fashion film I was helping my friend Ami film (Ami has to produce a fashion film of her graduate collection, swish eh?) the collection is gorgeous! One to watch ;) and of course a lovely friend of mine too!

So I must apologise for being MIA, sadly this past week has been far too busy to squeeze in blogging, I probably should have scheduled a few, but I was out every night last weekend, oops. I hope you've all had a lovely week and haven't been too shaken up by the news about GoogleReader, I haven't read into it much yet but will undoubtedly have too and to also find out more about Bloglovin. I'll include a link to my BlogLovin at the bottom if you'd like to follow me that way? :)

Anyways I best be off but I'll lastly leave you with a few songs I've been loving these past two weeks, absolute beauts!

Ed Sheeran and Passenger- No Diggity/Thrift Shop Mash Up; there are no words I love this cover/mash up so much and how adorable and amazing Ed and Passenger are together.

Chvrches- Mother We Share; I love how hauntingly beautiful this is, I also love 'Recover' but this narrowly pips it to the post as my favourite, so catchy and bringing me into a Spring mindset. 

HAIM- Falling; Can I please be the fourth member of Haim? I mean like pretty please, with a cherry on top! Haim are so effortlessly cool and make amazing music, pretty perfect if you ask me. I've been playing their songs on repeat for weeks now!

Enjoy your Sunday (the day of rest an' all that), or if like me you'll be working, enjoy... Till next time,

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Today is World Book Day, traditionally celebrated by school children and librarians alike, World Book Day was always a favourite for me as a child, I've always loved books. And even now I have a bookcase overflowing and sadly often neglected. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of reading copy after copy of old Reader's Digest annuals at my Great Grandparents beach house in a small village in Greece. I had literally read every other book (which was suitable for a 7 year old in the entire house) and so worked my way through the annuals, I partially credit reading these to my wealth of random general knowledge.

Reading is really important to me, I write a blog and am constantly reading blogs, so it's pretty obvious right? Earlier this year I applied to be a 'giver' on World Book Night :) World Book Night is on April 23rd and is a celebration of reading. Did you know that in the UK over half of adults of working age have a literacy level below that of the level of a good GSCE. Literacy levels are on the increase but along with this reading for pleasure has begun to decline, I myself am massively guilty of this. I don't read for pleasure enough, instead I'm often reading academic journals or books for college, this year I've made a conscious choice to put time aside and actually read books I enjoy.

Between a third and a half of the UK population do not regularly read. I find this really sad, we are so privileged to be able to read and write and some people do take it for granted. World Book Night is a charity funded organisation which aims to involve tens of thousands of people in the joy that is reading.

This year I am a 'giver' for World Book Night and will be giving away 20 copies of The Reader by Bernard Schlink, the main reason I signed up was reading this story of a giver last year:

 ‘Maybe the best story was about the book I didn't give away. I asked Rani if she would like a copy of Small Island; would she promise to read it if I gave her one. "No" she said, "I'm 57 and I can't read nor write, I can't take your book" She wants to learn so much, she says, but how do you find out about where you can learn to read if you can't read? When she goes to the hospital or the bank, she says she has forgotten her glasses so other people fill in the forms for her. She told me she can't use trains as she can't read the stations. Her life is truly impoverished by her inability to read. So, we have made a pact. I have her phone numbers. I will find her a local literacy scheme, get her on it and next year, she will take a World Book Night book - and read it for herself.’ Sara Nathan, Giver testimonial 

Books are hugely important and with the technology we have these days, we have  access to them in so many ways, I think it is important that we celebrate books. I'm so excited to share these books with people, perhaps some who don't get the chance to read much. I don't know if my books will have as great an impact as Sara's did, but I hope that even one person out the twenty will perhaps be exposed to the joy of reading for the first time, we'll see.

Have any of you taken part in World Book Night before? As a giver or been given a book perhaps? I haven't read The Reader yet but I'm starting it tonight, so I can have a bit of insight into the book I'm giving away. I'll keep you posted on what it's like, and I urge you all to also try and read more, I'm as guilty of it as anyone else but I'm trying to change that, after all I love reading.

(For more information on World Book Night click here)

Till next time lovelies, 

"Are you going to age with grace?" OOTN

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I'm the kind of person who rarely says no to a night out, even if I'm working at the crack of dawn (all day) the next day. Luckily I'm still pretty young and can just about manage, with a cheeky wee Greggs to help before I start my shift. Friday was my lovely friend Marge's birthday, as usual I told myself I'd only stay out for 'a few' those famous last words, instead I ended up leaving Dusk at closing time, and heading home for a grand total of 4 hours sleep. I'd had an awesome night though so it's all good, sensible I know...

Regardless, makeup is a wondrous thing and with it's help I didn't look shattered at work the next day, plenty of coffee helped me along the way. I seem to developing a little bit of a love affair with midi-dresses, they are so easy to wear and really versatile, my collection is ever-growing and Friday saw me don a navy midi from Primark. I kept my outfit pretty simple but added my new amazing Fox necklace which I won in the raffle at the Scottish Bloggers Valentine's Party raffle and my newest mint clutch from Accessorize.

The gorgeous Birthday girl and myself.
Friday was a Mac Rebel kinda night. I also wore my wee foxy necklace and
 recieved so many compliments on it! It's from Black  Box Boutique.

Classy toilet picture ;)
Midi £10 Primark
Bag £25 Accessorize
Boots old Primark,
So there we have it I'm finally getting into doing OOTD/N pictures on a more regular basis, at least I've fulfilled one of my New Years Resolutions! Yay, also the name of this post comes from my current favourite song Oblivion by Bastille,it is beautiful and is on their debut album (it was released on Monday) and is amazing! If you haven't listened to it, I urge you go out and listen to it, NOW! 
Anyways I'm off to drink copious amounts of tea and get ready for bed, have a good one. 
Till next time lovelies,

Fake (ME) Up... Benefit 'Fake Up'

I often describe myself as a 'juggler' I'm the kind of person who is always busy and always has a hundred and one things to-do or to go to, but to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. The one main downside to being a juggler is that I don't get nearly as much sleep as I should, hence I'm often sporting big dark circles under my eyes, boo! I've tried many different concealers but most crease after a few hours and my makeup often has to last from 8 in the morning till 12 at night when I get home after a few post work cocktails ;), thankfully Benefit have solved the mystery of how to hide my unsightly dark circles: Fake Up.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Glasgow launch of FakeUp earlier this week and try out FakeUp a whole 4 weeks before it fully launches in the UK! Tres exciting! FakeUp is a revolutionary concealer which will help to solve many a girl's concealer woes, perfect no? 

You're probably wondering what makes it different though? FakeUp is a hydrating undereye concealer which keeps the skin hydrated for up to 6 hours. It is made up of a hydrating ring and a concealer core; the ring contains vitamin E and apple seed extract which provide moisturisation and the concealer effectively hides dark circles and smoothes out uneven areas.

FakeUp in Medium.

So much makeup! I was lucky and one the foundation (perfect as I just ran out of Hello Flawless!) and was given the Pore-fessional earlier in the day, when I was browsing House of Frasers; the Benebabes are popping into counters on their roadshow and giving out treats! AMAZE! Super lucky that Benefit also gave us all three concealer shades to try out too.
There are many benefits to FakeUp and I'm looking forward to posting a full review once I've used it a little more, for now I can let you know that the two days I've used FakeUp it has lasted all day (12 hours plus) without creasing and has effectively covered up my massive undereye bags, so far very impressive. 

The actual launch of FakeUp was a great chance to catch up with some of the lovely Scottish bloggers I have gotten to know at previous meet-ups and events, and a chance to finally meet the gorgeous Benebabes in the flesh! Their enthusiasm is infectious and they were all lovely! The event was held in House of Frasers Glasgow, in the Champagne bar throw some Pink Champagne, tasty canapes and a quiz with makeup as the prizes into the mix and we were set to have an amazing night!

Rachael, Joanne and Claire, solving the FakeUp mystery!

The lovely Lisa Potter-Dixon (Head Make Up and Trend Artist /Brow Expert for Benefit) demonstrating just how fantastic FakeUp is, so simple to use and works a treat!

Pink Champagne on a Monday, why of course ;)

Andrew from AndrewJamesMakeUp
Last but not least a picture of the super cute Benefit cushions at the event.
A massive thanks again to the lovely Benefit team, I don't often get excited about products launching but FakeUp is something which is really working for me and I'd recommend to so many people! I'm looking forward to doing my Mum's makeup before her next night out and trying it out on her too ;) FakeUp officially launches in the UK on the 30th of March and will retail at £18.50, it'll be available online and at Benefit stores and counters nationwide (though if you're in the US it's actually already launched!) 

Will you be making a beeline to your nearest Benefit counter to try FakeUp? Or do you have a favourite under-eye concealer already?

Till next time lovelies,