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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Well hello there lovelies,

I'm currently tucked under a fleecy blanket in my jammies about to paint my nails then settle down to wathc some telly before bed. Thursday's are nearly always a long one for me, classes at college from 9-4 then work till 7.30, it's usually after 8.30 by the time I'm sitting down to eat dinner and by then I'm always shattered, today is no different.

Despite being super sleepy, today was a rather good 'un actually I thought I'd write up a wee post about it and the little things which have made me happy today :)

  1. My Dad offering me a lift to college today; which I gladly accepted. I was half an hour early and had time to enjoy a coffee before class.
  2. Discovering a Creme Egg in my handbag I'd forgotten I'd put in there last night :)
  3. Becoming an Executive Officer for my Student Union.
  4. Knowing I'm heading through to Glasgow with my friend Ami.
  5. Listening to Bastille, Other People's Heartache Part 1 and Part 2, both mixtapes are amaze!
  6. Coming home from work to a cupcake, cheers Mum and Dad (tea and cupcake time post blogging!)
  7. Laughing away watching the Jeremy Kyle Song 'Sexual Contact' at college, gotta love Autotune!
Thursday wasn't so bad afterall, a long day but a good one. Off to Glasgow tomorrow, then back home for my friend's Birthday, work all day Saturday, my cousin's 21st in the evening and working all day Sunday, guess I best hold onto my hat as it's going to be so busy. Or possibly best not to wear a hat at all :P now to decide what to wear for everything!

Saw this on Twitter this morning, you're welcome. ;)

And last but not least... I seriously love this far too much!

Have a lovely Friday, till next time,


  1. Oh my goodness, that puppy is ridiculously cute!! And I'd never seen that Jeremy Kyle video before, it's hilarious! xx

    1. I have him as my iPad background never failing to make me smile, and I know it's so funny! :) You'll be on your way to Aus now lovely! Have an amazing time! xx

  2. ahhhhh that puppy!! hope you have / had a wonderful time in Glesg lovely! xxx

    1. Awch I know he's the cutest! And I did thanks :) a lovely wee day spent in the sunshine :) xx

  3. nice post;)
    and that lovely puppy, so adorable;)X

    1. thanks lovely, I always think he looks like such a dude :P x

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha I'm howling at the Jeremy Kyle video! So funny haha xxx

    1. I love it so much!! :P always cheers me up! xx


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