Mani(c) Mondays...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Well hello there,
And in a flash it was Monday...
The weekends truly fly by don't they? Especially when you have a day off, typically. Today has been spent watching trash tv, replicating my favourite Apple Muesli from M&S, watching coverage of the red carpet action at the Oscars last night, ironing a full basket of laundry (this is a first for me, and I'm pretty sure this now qualifies me as a proper adult right?) and watching Like Crazy, all in all not a bad Monday :) And I can't forget the strawberry mille feuille left over from the cakes I bought yesterday at Patisserie Valerie, which was devine.

I'll be posting about the lovely time I spent at the SBValentines event on Saturday evening tomorrow :) once I get my pictures all sorted out, but thanks again to the lovely ladies who organised it (you will all be tagged properly in the next post!)

Till then I thought I'd post a quick nail art post :) back to natural nails again, as I do like natural best.

Manicure c/o Pinky's, Stirling.
Pretty pastels for Spring, Models Own Utopia as the base with varying pastel colours for a twist on a classic french manicure. Thanks to the amazing Kelly at Pinky's who did my file and polish for me, such a simple and pretty look which is so easy to recreate. Just lovely. 

And for those of you who's Monday lived up to Monday's reputation... Here's a picture that never fails to make me smile :)

"Pardon me, is this your kitten?"
source Pinterest
I'm now off to finishing reading The Dead by James Joyce in time for my Language Communications class tomorrow, luckily I've only a few pages left. 

Till next time,