Lusting after H&M Homeware...

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Well hello there,
It's nearly the weekend! And despite having a short shift on Saturday I feel like my weekend has begun already, as tomorrow I'm off to the shops, getting my nails done and then heading through to Edinburgh to my friend's for a wee party. A short shift on Saturday then the first of the 21st's! I'm wearing my new ASOS midi dress and looking forward to seeing old school friends and having a wee night out safe in the knowledge I have Sunday off work!

Anyways, the whole point of this post is to show how much I've been lusting over H&M homeware, I've never ordered anything online from H&M but I'm definitely considering making a wee order with a few of these items featuring. I'm super impressed by their patterns and colours, so pretty!

Duvet Cover Set £24.99 
Gorgeous pansy print bedding, so so tempted to treat myself next payday!

Shower Curtain £14.99 
Building a list of lust haves for when I move out, I love bird print and this one is no different so pretty.

Dishcloths (2 pack) £1.99 
Even the dishcloths are cool and French Bulldogs are my favourite...

Dinosaur pillow £7.99 
When I was younger, I really loved dinosaurs, the Diplodocus is my favourite :) I always loved The Land Before Time; and I really want this cushion for in my living room when I have my own place. It'll be a great conversation starter and is generally just really cool!

Anyways I'm off to spend a wee Thursday evening watching HIMYM, The New Normal and Two Broke Girls :) drink tea and eat scones. Enjoy Friday everyone,

Till next time,