Hopping Mad...

Monday, 18 February 2013

Well hello there,
Bunnies on the brain, since we got two baby bunny rabbits on Saturday, I've most definitelty had rabbits on my mind. I had to wait till Sunday morning to meet the little cuties, as I arrived home late on Saturday from Dundee though it was well worth the wait, our little bunnies are named Fili and Kili (yes they are named after Dwarfs from The Hobbit..) Fili is super fluffy and Kili is much more inquisitive and they are simply adorable.

Inspired by the new additions to my family I've compiled a little rabbit inspired wishlist, perfect ideas for Easter (which isn't even that far away...crazy!)

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Shirt in Rabbit Print £35 
I love the simplicity of this shirt and how versatile it is. I'd order it a little big just so I could buy it as it's exclusive to ASOS CURVE. Now just to wait till the size 18 comes back into stock!

Accessorize: Mr Benito Bunny Face Sock, £3.50
How cute are these socks? A perfect gift for someone who loves bunny rabbits.
Marks and Spencers: Flossy Bunny Doorstop, £19.50
This doorstop is another addition to my evergrowing list of items I want for my when I eventually move out. Simple but sweet, I do love good ol' M&S.

H&M: Pillowcase, £4.99
H&M doing homeware superbly again, this is so sweet and reminds me of our little bunnies... 

DotComGiftShop: Rabbit Night Light, £4.95
A rabbit nightlight; amaze, need I say more?

I'm so happy having pets again, after not having any pets at home since moving back from Australia. Do any of you have pets? When I move out I want to get a French Bulldog (I'm not allowed dogs whilst living at home) till then I have our wee bunnies who I'm enjoying cuddles with during study breaks ;) which may have increased... Here's to a new week, enjoy Monday everyone.

Till next time,