Smile it's almost the weekend :)

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Well hello there lovelies,

I'm currently tucked under a fleecy blanket in my jammies about to paint my nails then settle down to wathc some telly before bed. Thursday's are nearly always a long one for me, classes at college from 9-4 then work till 7.30, it's usually after 8.30 by the time I'm sitting down to eat dinner and by then I'm always shattered, today is no different.

Despite being super sleepy, today was a rather good 'un actually I thought I'd write up a wee post about it and the little things which have made me happy today :)

  1. My Dad offering me a lift to college today; which I gladly accepted. I was half an hour early and had time to enjoy a coffee before class.
  2. Discovering a Creme Egg in my handbag I'd forgotten I'd put in there last night :)
  3. Becoming an Executive Officer for my Student Union.
  4. Knowing I'm heading through to Glasgow with my friend Ami.
  5. Listening to Bastille, Other People's Heartache Part 1 and Part 2, both mixtapes are amaze!
  6. Coming home from work to a cupcake, cheers Mum and Dad (tea and cupcake time post blogging!)
  7. Laughing away watching the Jeremy Kyle Song 'Sexual Contact' at college, gotta love Autotune!
Thursday wasn't so bad afterall, a long day but a good one. Off to Glasgow tomorrow, then back home for my friend's Birthday, work all day Saturday, my cousin's 21st in the evening and working all day Sunday, guess I best hold onto my hat as it's going to be so busy. Or possibly best not to wear a hat at all :P now to decide what to wear for everything!

Saw this on Twitter this morning, you're welcome. ;)

And last but not least... I seriously love this far too much!

Have a lovely Friday, till next time,

I've never been Speed Dating before...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Well hello there,
So how did you spend last weekend?
I spent Saturday evening speed dating ;) Speed Dating you ask? No not the usual kind; you may or may not have heard about the Scottish Bloggers Valentines meet up which took place last Saturday evening, never one to say no to a wee night out, it was no surprise I was there. The event was held at Hemma in Edinburgh, which is down Holyrood Road and is gorgeous, a wee heads up they also do amazing cocktails! And was organised by four of the loveliest bloggers, Gillian, Lianne, Jenn and Juliet (sadly Juliet couldn't make it on the night, we missed you lovely!) But where does the speed dating come in? Blogger Speed Dating of course ;)

The event on Saturday was my third blogger run meet up I've attended and was just lovely, with a nice change of the guarantee that you would get to meet and chat to every single blogger there. I've met some of the loveliest people through blogging and meetups are the perfect opportunity to meet other bloggers you speak to on twitter or whose blogs you read in the flesh. It was lovely to catch up with some of the girls who I've met a fair few times now and also to meet some new ones too. Saturday was also the last time I'll see Lynsey from allsortsandanecdotes for a year as she's moving to Australia! And as someone who has lived in Australia it was great to have a good catch up and pass on tips before she heads down under. 

There was also a raffle raising money for Shakti Women's Aid which is an Edinburgh based charity supporting women who have suffered or are suffering at the hands of domestic abuse: we raised £88 in total! :) And I was super lucky and won a fox necklace from Black Box Boutique. Of course thanks to all the companies who supported with raffle prizes on the night, discount vouchers (in our goody bags; which were kindly supplied by Yelp), with a special mention to Ginger Pickle for the gorgeous Hedgehog hairslides in my good bag.

But anyways enough of me yapping here's a few pictures; I was rather forgetful and didn't take many sorry! 

A 1919 Angostura Daiquiri yum!

A Cherry O' Baby, tasted just like cherry cola!

So there we have the Scottish Bloggers Valentines Speed Dating, which I followed up with a trip to Hive, classy I know, then a 2.30am munch at Subway- which was amazing, no shame. Sunday was spent enjoying a holiday from work, shopping in the big Primark, eating curry at Mosque Kitchen (everyone must go!), fro-yo from Tutti Frutti (self service, exciting!) and watching Jackie Chan sing Make a Man out of You in Cantonese on Youtube; here's the link as I know you're all dying to see it ;) curled up in bed, pretty perfect. Well expect for rubbishy Scotrail on my journey home, ah well, minor drop in the ocean.

Oh and here's a wee list of all the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of spending Saturday evening with, with links to their blogs :)

Well I'm off to finish writing up plans for my Market research project for my Marketing class tomorrow, luckily it's not all bad as my project is on one of my favourite things (and favourite procrastination methods, perhaps not the best idea afterall...) Pinterest of course. 

Anyways till next time,

Mani(c) Mondays...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Well hello there,
And in a flash it was Monday...
The weekends truly fly by don't they? Especially when you have a day off, typically. Today has been spent watching trash tv, replicating my favourite Apple Muesli from M&S, watching coverage of the red carpet action at the Oscars last night, ironing a full basket of laundry (this is a first for me, and I'm pretty sure this now qualifies me as a proper adult right?) and watching Like Crazy, all in all not a bad Monday :) And I can't forget the strawberry mille feuille left over from the cakes I bought yesterday at Patisserie Valerie, which was devine.

I'll be posting about the lovely time I spent at the SBValentines event on Saturday evening tomorrow :) once I get my pictures all sorted out, but thanks again to the lovely ladies who organised it (you will all be tagged properly in the next post!)

Till then I thought I'd post a quick nail art post :) back to natural nails again, as I do like natural best.

Manicure c/o Pinky's, Stirling.
Pretty pastels for Spring, Models Own Utopia as the base with varying pastel colours for a twist on a classic french manicure. Thanks to the amazing Kelly at Pinky's who did my file and polish for me, such a simple and pretty look which is so easy to recreate. Just lovely. 

And for those of you who's Monday lived up to Monday's reputation... Here's a picture that never fails to make me smile :)

"Pardon me, is this your kitten?"
source Pinterest
I'm now off to finishing reading The Dead by James Joyce in time for my Language Communications class tomorrow, luckily I've only a few pages left. 

Till next time,

Hopping Mad...

Monday, 18 February 2013

Well hello there,
Bunnies on the brain, since we got two baby bunny rabbits on Saturday, I've most definitelty had rabbits on my mind. I had to wait till Sunday morning to meet the little cuties, as I arrived home late on Saturday from Dundee though it was well worth the wait, our little bunnies are named Fili and Kili (yes they are named after Dwarfs from The Hobbit..) Fili is super fluffy and Kili is much more inquisitive and they are simply adorable.

Inspired by the new additions to my family I've compiled a little rabbit inspired wishlist, perfect ideas for Easter (which isn't even that far away...crazy!)

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Shirt in Rabbit Print £35 
I love the simplicity of this shirt and how versatile it is. I'd order it a little big just so I could buy it as it's exclusive to ASOS CURVE. Now just to wait till the size 18 comes back into stock!

Accessorize: Mr Benito Bunny Face Sock, £3.50
How cute are these socks? A perfect gift for someone who loves bunny rabbits.
Marks and Spencers: Flossy Bunny Doorstop, £19.50
This doorstop is another addition to my evergrowing list of items I want for my when I eventually move out. Simple but sweet, I do love good ol' M&S.

H&M: Pillowcase, £4.99
H&M doing homeware superbly again, this is so sweet and reminds me of our little bunnies... 

DotComGiftShop: Rabbit Night Light, £4.95
A rabbit nightlight; amaze, need I say more?

I'm so happy having pets again, after not having any pets at home since moving back from Australia. Do any of you have pets? When I move out I want to get a French Bulldog (I'm not allowed dogs whilst living at home) till then I have our wee bunnies who I'm enjoying cuddles with during study breaks ;) which may have increased... Here's to a new week, enjoy Monday everyone.

Till next time,


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well hello there,

Today I took a trip to Dundee, an early morning and train journey through to the 'Dee. I don't really know Dundee very well but I had a lovely time catching up with one of my longest friends Susan, I hadn't seen her in a whole year! We went for coffee and cake at T Ann Cake a really cute little cafe (I couldn't even tell you which street it's on as I don't know Dundee at all :P ) and I had one of the best mocha's I've ever had and a massive fruit scone, yum! All in all a lovely day spending time with one of my favourite people, Susan was even kind enough to take some OOTD pictures for me, on our way back to the train station, so here we have it a wee OOTD post :) 

Mac- Savers; OpShop (Australia) Black Midi Dress- New Look £14.99.
Blouse- Monsoon £32.  Necklace- Accessorize- £14. 

Dinosaur brooch (hard to see)- old. Bag- Primark £12.
Scarf (tied on bag)- old Accessorize. Boots- Dr Martens (old)
I gave my new Accessorize collar necklace it's first outing today, I think it really brightens up an outfit and adds a little 'Spring' to dreary days. I'm loving my new Monsoon blouse which reminds me of Chinablue and has a super pretty print. Though you can't really see it I'm giving my black New Look midi dress from my last OOTD another outing (sorry for the repetition!!) it's such a good staple piece.

Anyways it's jammies, tea and telly time for me; Saturday night in :) Keep enjoying your weekend everyone!

Till next time, 

Hidden right under your nose...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Well hello there,

Ah Friday, finally delivering the Spring weather I've been longing for; sadly judging by the weather forecast it looks like a short-lived affair, (sacre bleu.) But still I enjoyed the crisp sunshiney Spring day whilst we had it, my first alfresco meal of 2013 (it really has been cold so far this year) toasties, coffee and cake at The Cowane Hospitall Coffee House, which is truly one of Stirling's hidden gems! The owner Sara is lovely and makes the best tablet I've ever tasted, as well as amazing cakes, great prices too, perfect! It's next to the Church of the Holyrude (the one by Stirling castle) it's a fair climb up the hill from town but worth it for the small but perfectly formed menu, yummy cakes and gorgeous views.

I was babysitting my youngest brother today so we then walked down the 'backwalk' by Stirling Castle, which provided us with some stunning views over Stirling and beyond. Stirling can be rather pretty, all in all a rather lovely day, lucky I brought my camera along :)

The clouds look so menacing here, luckily it didn't rain.

The prettiest memorial, tragic but beautiful; it 's to commemorate two young sisters.

Sometimes I do enjoy living in Stirling, the castle sure can be pretty.

I hope Friday has treated you well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow; a day trip to Dundee to catch up with an old friend who I haven't seen in far too long. Then I'll be arriving home to two brand new baby bunny rabbits!! Ahhh I'm so excited, I'll definitely be posing pictures soon :) pre-warning of imminent cuteness, have a great weekend.

Till next time,

Bitter sweet symphonies...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Well hello there,
Can you believe it's Wednesday already? I can't, this week has literally flown by and so far I have little to show for it apart from watching countless episodes of Pretty Little Liars and 80's movies; productive. Work tomorrow though and then I will (I promise!) get on with finishing some coursework and scheduling blog posts, before visiting an old friend in Dundee this weekend. I've never really been to Dundee except briefly when I went to see Mumford and Sons and it was dark and late... But I'm looking forward to a good catch up and a wee nosey about Dundee, before a family portrait on Sunday, here's hoping I don't wake up with a face full of spots...

Today's post is a little different, I've been off college and work too for a few days and have been listening to so much music and watching far too much tv, but I thought I'd share a few songs I've been loving. A sort of playlist if you like;

Bastille- Of the Night
A pretty new band to me that I actually discovered by me friend posting one of their song's on facebook (Thanks Gilly!) but I can't stop listening to their music and covers, I love how different they make songs seem. I also love love love the cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, with Gabrielle Aplin, it's hauntingly beautiful. I'm aching to go and see them live in Edinburgh next month, now just to persuade someone to come with me!

Frightened Rabbit- How Sue Met Cliff
Yet another introduction by the lovely Gilly, I can't believe I hadn't heard of them sooner. Frightened Rabbit have been on my radar for a while now but I've only in the last couple of months really gotten into their music, I listened to them in 'Session' on Radio 1 with Zane Lowe a couple of weeks back and it was brilliant, they did this spoof song, about Sue Barker from Question of Sport and Cliff Richards, random but brilliant. Their new album Pedestrian Verse is definitely worth looking out for.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Same Love feat. Mary Lambert
If you'd asked me a couple of weeks ago who Macklemore was I'd have shrugged my shoulders and looked at you blankly, now thanks to the success and brilliance of 'Thrift Shop' I've found myself searching out and listening to more and more of the music made my Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I love 'Same Love' it's beautiful and shows how passionately Macklemore supports gay rights, which I agree wholeheartedly with. "No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it." The video in itself it heart wrenching and makes me all teary (I can't believe how soppy I'm becoming...) Macklemore has definitely been a pleasant surprise to me.

Ed Sheeran- Wonderwall  
Definitely one of my favourite covers' ever, I don't think it needs much elaboration upon that, I love Ed's version, and urge you all to listen to it!

So there we have it a brief foray into what's been filling my ears the last week or so among other things, I hope you maybe have a listen to some of it :)

Happy Hump Day, till next time,

Lusting after H&M Homeware...

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Well hello there,
It's nearly the weekend! And despite having a short shift on Saturday I feel like my weekend has begun already, as tomorrow I'm off to the shops, getting my nails done and then heading through to Edinburgh to my friend's for a wee party. A short shift on Saturday then the first of the 21st's! I'm wearing my new ASOS midi dress and looking forward to seeing old school friends and having a wee night out safe in the knowledge I have Sunday off work!

Anyways, the whole point of this post is to show how much I've been lusting over H&M homeware, I've never ordered anything online from H&M but I'm definitely considering making a wee order with a few of these items featuring. I'm super impressed by their patterns and colours, so pretty!

Duvet Cover Set £24.99 
Gorgeous pansy print bedding, so so tempted to treat myself next payday!

Shower Curtain £14.99 
Building a list of lust haves for when I move out, I love bird print and this one is no different so pretty.

Dishcloths (2 pack) £1.99 
Even the dishcloths are cool and French Bulldogs are my favourite...

Dinosaur pillow £7.99 
When I was younger, I really loved dinosaurs, the Diplodocus is my favourite :) I always loved The Land Before Time; and I really want this cushion for in my living room when I have my own place. It'll be a great conversation starter and is generally just really cool!

Anyways I'm off to spend a wee Thursday evening watching HIMYM, The New Normal and Two Broke Girls :) drink tea and eat scones. Enjoy Friday everyone,

Till next time,

Back to Black... OOTN

Monday, 4 February 2013

Well hello there,
Ah Monday again, it's dreary and miserable outside, and though I'd usually have Monday as my day off, alas today it's not the case, sigh. Instead I'll be working late, as it's stocktake day... 
I've had a lazy Monday, listening to the howling wind outside, persuading my Dad to let us get pet bunnies! (I'm unbelievably excited about this!) and listening away to Jake Bugg :) I was out Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night... think I'm getting too old for this. I thought I'd do a wee OOTN post of Thursday night's outfit, just a simple long sleeved black midi from New Look (£14.99) and some black and leopard print creepers I picked up in New Look for £10, bargain! I also had my Primark (Zara-esque) studded black clutch. It's a simple outfit but one which I really like wearing as it's so easy to wear. I've been loving midi dresses at the moment, I even took the plunge and ordered the ASOS one I've been lusting after; excited to receive it tomorrow!
Apologies for the towels on the floor etc, in the background...
Thursday night's FOTN... Pulling faces as usual!
MAC StudioFix Fluid NW20
MUA Artiste Palette
Liz Earle Lash Definition Mascara
MAC lipstick in Rebel
Lush Emotional Brilliance eyeliner in 'Independent'
Anyways guess I best go get ready for work and finish an essay for tomorrow, enjoy Monday!! Even if it is grey and dreary.

Till next time,